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It is kind of ironically fitting that this comments thread has diverged into a discussion of Christianity.

It should come as no surprise that of the several hundred comments on a post by Allapundit at Hot Air regarding Pat Robertson's beyond execrable remarks that Haiti is in earthquaked ruins because slaves "swore a pact with the devil," the vast majority are pretzel-logical attempts to defend him. A paltry few commenters were outraged.

Allapundit himself, as befits a blog where Michelle Malkin is the alpha dog, doesn't push back, merely remarking that Robertson is just being his cranky old self. In fact Allapundit and fellow blogger Ed Morrissey, whom I am deeply fond but also has become a reliable echo chamber for what Malkin's base expects to hear, are mere shadows of their once readable selves.

Hot Air, of course, is about as conservative as mainstream blogs get. So like I said, no surprise. But I urge you to read the comments because they are truly a window into the soullessness of many conservatives -- and by extension the Republican Party -- in America today.

Comment Posted By Shaun Mullen On 15.01.2010 @ 06:16


Re Mannning:

Yes, as a librul I too hope that a "new set" of conservative leaders emerges to challenge Obama, Reid, Pelosi et al on matters of substances by offering real alternatives.

Sadly, I do not see that happen in the short term with the Republican Party in the thrall of the Palin-Beck-Limbaugh axis and Tea Partiers relentlessly banging their ideological purity pots and pans. Nor do I see it happening in the long term for precisely the reasons that Rick so persuasively lays out.

I find a lot to not like about today's Democrats, but the alternative is far worse and even with Main Street anger factored in 2010 and 2012 will be disasters for the Party Formerly Known As The Big Tent.

Comment Posted By Shaun Mullen On 13.01.2010 @ 05:35


Thank you for sharing your catharsis.

You must know that you're at your best when you're channeling your keen intellect and not doing a Glenn Reynolds or Ed Morrissey, two similarly smart people who have become caricatures of themselves.

Comment Posted By Shaun Mullen On 10.01.2010 @ 09:33

Of Ax Men and Astro Babes

Shorter Rick Moran: History doesn't sell but histortainment does.

Comment Posted By Shaun Mullen On 10.01.2010 @ 09:30


My longtime companion is an RN/CCN/LNC who divides her time between ERs and ICUs. She and I would like to extend a personal invitation to Rick, TMLutas and their ilk to join her for a 12-hour shift (usually with no breaks) in each of these units so they can see first hand the consequences of the peculiar American form of liberty that allows 40-some million Americans to go without health insurance, many millions more to struggle with inadequate insurance and millions more who lose their insurance because they have pre-existing conditions (like wombs, if you happen to be a woman).

It would take a liberty-loving conservative with the hardest of hearts to not question their lock-step opposition to health-care reform after 12 hours in an ER and another 12 in an ICU.

Lemme know when you want to set this up. Just make sure you bring your own snacks.

40-some million Americans to go without health
insurance, many millions more to struggle with inadequate insurance and millions
more who lose their insurance because they have pre-existing conditions (like
wombs, if you happen to be a woman).

It is childish to believe this situation is going to get any better under National Health Care. All we are doing is substituting one set of problems for another - while some of the same problems will remain and get worse.

Childish, naive, self deluding - to believe this "reform" will create some kind of health care paradise where all problems are solved and nobody suffers as you seem to believe is madness. Your companion's life will not get any easier nor will those she is caring for suffer any less. You and many liberals have already imbued the reform efforts with supernatural ability to "solve" our health care problems. When it fails to measure up to 1/10 of your expectations, will you be able to summon the intellectual honesty to work to reform it? Or will you simply keep spinning?


Comment Posted By Shaun Mullen On 8.11.2009 @ 07:30


This is it in a bit:

You are a voter in a congressional district bordering Canada in upstate New York that has gone reliably Republican since the 19th century. Your Republican congressman is picked to be Army secretary by the president and your county GOP committee taps a woman with moderate credentials in keeping with the district and deep local roots to run in a special election to succeed him.

But it is 2009 and that woman is not right wing enough for the national GOP, which foists a carpetbagging Glenn Beck acolyte with no experience and even less sense on you, driving the woman from the race.

Predictions that the right winger will win do not take into account that the people of the district are deeply insulted that their election has been hijacked by a bunch of uncouth loudmouths like Beck, Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh, who may speak for what is left of the national GOP but not the good burghers of NY-23. Against all odds, the Democrat wins.

Meanwhile, back at the World Series . . .

Comment Posted By Shaun Mullen On 4.11.2009 @ 06:27


Two points, one already made:

(1.) Chrysler worked hard to run a once proud company into the ground by offering a product line long on big SUVs and pimpmobile stylings while many foreign automakers passed it by. Yes, Obama is a Big Socialist Meanie, but none of this would be happening if Chrysler (and GM) hadn't decided that making money was more important than making a competitive product. That was exactly backwards: You make money by offering a competitive product.

(2.) The dealer networks of Chrysler and GM have been a big part of the problem in that they took whatever crap that the companies sent them with nary a murmur of dissent. Maybe — just maybe — things would have turned out differently if the guys who had to ask their sales manager if they could throw in the undercoating for free (wink, wink) had pressed Chrysler and GM to diversify.

On second thought, fuggedabout it. You're right, Rick. It's all Obama's fault.

Comment Posted By Shaun Mullen On 22.05.2009 @ 05:37

Moderates? Who Needs 'em

Bravo to Messrs Moran and Tank.

Comment Posted By Shaun Mullen On 29.04.2009 @ 13:08


Pretty obvious looking back over the last few weeks that you are seriously off your game.

This post is not merely not a tempest (Commenter #1) wingnutty (#2), and manufactured outrage (#3), it is beyond disingenuous.

If Obama not acting like a jerk in the presence of a bunch of tinhorns is failing his first big test, then what was the Somali pirate hostage drama, the torture-memos release, as well as his decisive economic recovery actions?

My suggestion would be to delete this post ASAP, take a deep breath and try to figure out the roots of your ongoing schizophrenia.

Comment Posted By Shaun Mullen On 20.04.2009 @ 09:03


Thank you, Rick.

Comment Posted By Shaun Mullen On 17.04.2009 @ 07:44

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