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Rick - the Jazz Shaw approach to marketing doesn't suit you. The 40 or so tea parties that sprung up around the nation are a good start for a conservative (and libertarian) base that have always felt the best thing we can do for our country is to work hard and raise our kids to do the same - who's got time to stand on a corner or chain oneself to the doors of a ACORN office? But the fury over the direction this country is taking is so deep that it's driven us from our homes. You shouldn't be backhanding a nascent movement because it doesn't compare to the Million Man March or the Code Pink camp across from Bush's ranch. What is inspiring is that the silent majority is beginning to take notice, and while naysayers are as ubiquitous as liberal ingrates, those on the right who give a damn ought to lending a hand.

That's where you come in Rick. I'd hate to see a voice like yours grumbling on the sidelines.

Comment Posted By Shane from PV On 1.03.2009 @ 10:11


Great post Rick. The feuding class seems to have become more estranged from each other, but the more I read about political culture in America the more I realize that we have always been a passionate people who take politics seriously. Sometimes that leads to grotesque charges and over-wrought prognostications about the country dissolving under our feet, but it has always been like that. When I hear you wonder about what hasn't changed, I think that while we may be living in our own generational bubble, the political tempest we're in right now isn't new. In fact, every four years they tell us that THIS is the most important election EVER! It's so important in fact, that we must shred the opposition to save ourselves.

That's not to say I don't appreciate a good pitchfork party, cause I'll race you to the rack as long as I'm able! But you're point is thought provoking, and I wouldn't have America any other way...

Comment Posted By Shane from PV On 11.09.2008 @ 16:35



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