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Murtha has a distinguished record of advocating surrender. He made his first tentative moves as a leader in the Tactics of Defeat when (by his own admission) he recommended to President Ronald Reagan that he withdraw from Lebanon following the terrorist bombing of the Marine base on October 23, 1983. In spite of the fact that the mission in Lebanon was largely succeeding, pressure from Congress and “courageous” veterans like Jack Murtha, finally convinced President Reagan to “change course” by pulling the marines out of Lebanon.

Murtha solidified his credentials as the King of Surrender when (again by his own admission) he became instrumental in President Clinton’s decision to “change course” in Somalia. You remember Somalia, don’t you? Operation Restore Hope, initiated by President Bush (41), sent 25.000 troops to Somalia to help provide humanitarian relief to the people. The mission was largely successful and is credited with having saved the lives of half a million Somalis and reducing the ongoing civil war to a small series of skirmishes. Under President Clinton, with the advice of Defense Secretary Les Aspin and U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Madeleine Albright, the largely U.S. mission in Somalia was turned over to the U.N. Thereafter, incompetence became the word of the day, eventually culminating in the “Black Hawk Down” incident in October of 1993. President Clinton, heeding the gravely mistaken advice of the Mighty Jack Murtha to, in the words of Monty Python, “Run away! Run away,” began to withdraw the troops from Somalia. His “uncanny comprehension” of military strategy led him to make this recommendation, thereby leaving the way clear for Al Qaeda to begin consolidation operations. Murtha’s recommendation could, therefore, be called one of the most critical factors in the 9/11 attacks. Thanks, Jack, you’re a real hero.

Is this really the guy you want telling us how to win the war in Iraq? Murtha has no plan. He has no idea how to conduct a war. He has nothing to offer but fear and failure - and that’s why Pelosi wants him as House Majority Leader.

Lebanon. Somalia. And now Iraq. Truly Murtha is the King of Surrender.

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