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"This is true not only of recent history with Europeans subjugating North and South America, but also of the most ancient histories of which we are aware. The Celtic people who colonized much of Europe did not enounter pristine wilderness untouched by the hand of man. They overran much of continental Europe 500 years before the birth of Christ, enjoying the distinction of sacking both Rome and Delphi. And the remnants of their culture was eliminated over the years by a host of conquerers including the Romans and the Saxons.

I daresay there aren’t too many lefties agitating for the return of Ireland and England to the descendants of the Druids."

Ireland and England were rapidly (historically speaking) converted to Orthodox Christianity. There is credible evidence of trade routes to/from Roman Palestine to Ireland. One may conclude Christianity was brought to Ireland along with other trade goods. Missionary journeys by Aidan and Ninian to the areas of Northumberland and Pictish regions in Alba also suggest a prosperous growth of Orthodox Christianity well before Augustine arrived.

The Druids, as a religous force, were soon relegated to the early 'Loony Left'.

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