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Here in Wisconsin, the Democrat Party owns the Congressional Bloc. Chances that any of the people representing the State siding with anti-Democrat ideology are greater than those of Jupiter becoming a moon of Pluto. I really don't think they owe allegiance to anyone other than Harridan Harpy Nancy, Harry the Artful Loser and the all powerful money they reap from lobbyists and their Federal paychecks.

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The Federal Government, in the form of NASA and NOAA, has a monopoly on space research. The current financial meltdown, caused by a simpering, mincing Congress more addicted to bribing constituents and receiving 'donations' to their respective 'Political Action Committee(s)' puts private enterprise endeavors in limbo.

If some smart engineers met up with equally smart and visionary financiers, a true revolution in space exploration/exploitation can occur. Zero-G silicon crystals, nanotube light switching computers or the odd hydrogen-3 power plant would certainly make money.

Get the Feds out of space exploration and put real risk takers in charge of their own corporations to take advantage of the science they can do.

You sound like Rand Simberg - blogger at Transterrestial Musings. There are already a lot of smart engineers who have hooked up with visionary financiers. And in about 15 years, those are the people who will taking humans into space.

Still be a role for NASA with these missions of exploration and discovery, I think. At least until the research and development infrastructure for the private sector can match what NASA can do.


Comment Posted By SeniorD On 25.01.2009 @ 16:33


50 comments of which a small percentage of BDS afflicted readers go on the ad hominem attack.

Think about it for just a minute. Rick's essays are well crafted, make no bones for his opinion on the subject at hand and (here's the kicker) are neither shallow nor Buckley-esque in their prose. Only moderate critical thinking skills are needed to fully comprehend Rick's essay.

In contrast, the Kafkaesque ranting of the BDS plagued Left makes one think of the Inquisition where a victim is automatically guilty of some unspoken crime. The Left, blindly following the Alinsky-ite tactic of 'Attack, Attack, Attack', know in their small, dark hearts they are pure. They would steal an honorable man's record, spew specious claims or undermine accomplishments by re-writing history.

Sorry, won't work for me. Try as you might, strive for whatever un-holy goal you choose, your nursery school intellects are nothing. Your champions have committed crimes against the citizens of this country and hurled treasonous actions in front of a people enjoying and partaking in the inalienable rights granted to us by our Creator. You've won but one small, inconsequential battle, but the war continues.

Comment Posted By SeniorD On 20.01.2009 @ 09:45

Well, when you have cheerleaders like Keith Olberman, Chris Matthews and Glenn Greenwald spewing their specious screeds from the rooftops, you'd be deranged too.

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If Congress wants to investigate possible illicit activity conducted during the Bush Administration, they should first clean their own house.

"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone" should be the guiding principle in Hopey/Changey Land.

Comment Posted By SeniorD On 15.01.2009 @ 10:07


Hey, at least Enterprise had a decent theme song, ranks #2 behind Voyager.

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I know this is a stretch for the likes of Glenn Greenwald and others of his Ilk, but the pure and simple reality, as seen from from such sources as MEMRI, whatever coherency the Arabs have at present will disintegrate into sectarian/factional war if Israel ceases to exist. The big losers will be Western countries dependent upon the sea of oil upon which the Middle East floats. The big winners would be a nuclear Iran with China and Russia letting the squabblers kill themselves off then pick up the pieces.

So, do we really want Hama/Hizb'Allah/PLO winning?

Comment Posted By SeniorD On 4.01.2009 @ 18:00


Read that dreck earlier then left this little message:

You write:

"It's not at all surprising, then, that Republican leaders -- from Dick Cheney and John Bolton to virtually all appendages of the right-wing noise machine, from talk radio and Fox News to right-wing blogs and neoconservative journals -- are unquestioning supporters of the Israeli attack. After all, they're expressing the core ideology of the overwhelming majority of their voters and audience. "
- you must be a Buchanan-style isolationist

Next you write:

"Much more notable is the fact that Democratic Party leaders -- including Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi -- are just as lockstep in their blind, uncritical support for the Israeli attack, in their absolute refusal to utter a word of criticism of, or even reservations about, Israeli actions. "
- Unlikely as your super-ego would admit, perhaps, just maybe, they see something that you miss?

Finally, you write:

"While some Democratic politicians who are marginalized by the party's leadership are willing to express the views which Democratic voters overwhelmingly embrace, the suffocating, fully bipartisan orthodoxy which typically predominates in America when it comes to Israel -- thou shalt not speak ill of Israel, thou shalt support all actions it takes -- is in full force with this latest conflict."
- by this comment, one may conclude, you speak of Cynthia McKinney (and, indirectly her father), Code Pink and ANSWER. By simultaneously contending Democrat Party leadership knows less than the 'Man on the Street' and that you (and they) possess superior knowledge and discernment, you condemn yourself to mediocrity.

A larger man, which clearly you are not, would seek to understand all side of an issue then make reasoned observations based upon clear, critical thinking. For example, I find it interesting to note, following some simple Internet based research, that HAMAS prevents the Egyptian aid services from providing medical assistance to injured Trans-Jordanian (the original home of 'Palestinians') people. However, since your mind is a closed book, unwilling to seek evidence to the contrary, you are and will remain a non-entity. Your specious claims make Keith Olberman sound intelligent while adding nothing to the intellectual content of the topic at hand.

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Brings back memories of the Buffalo SABRES (not Sabers check their Website), the storied French Connection line, Gup Worsley (last of the unmasked goalies), Jim Schoenfeld and others.

Now that is when hockey was exciting.

Comment Posted By SeniorD On 2.01.2009 @ 08:53


I learned a valuable lesson more years ago than I care to admit:

When in a position of responsibility, NEVER pass the buck. Admit your mistakes, take the consequences and fix the mess YOU caused.

An honorable politician (almost an oxymoron) would admit to him/herself that previous Federal Legislation caused the credit crunch which put the economy at the event horizon of a black hole. An honorable politician would admit the mistakes made by themselves and their colleagues and work to correct the underlying problems. An honorable politician would buck the leadership and tell the people who elected them they were wrong.

Too bad we don't have any honorable politicians.

Comment Posted By SeniorD On 30.12.2008 @ 10:34


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