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Romney should just stick around until the convention. When the GOP sees what a mess they're getting themselves into with McCain-Huckabee, they might just drop all their support on Romney instead... They should, anyways. Huckabee is crazy, he has nothing to do near the White House or any other political office the way he carries on. McCain-Huckabee would easily beat the Democrats, but it would be a disaster for the country as much as Clinton-Richardson or whatever it would be with Clinton at the top of the ticket.

I've pretty much decided that if Huckabee is on the GOP ticket, I'm voting for the Democrats. If the Democrats put Hillary at the top of their ticket, I'm voting for the GOP. If it comes down to Hillary vs McCain-Huckabee... I'll just have to vote for whatever poor bastard shows up in the Independent slot like I did in 2004.

Comment Posted By Seixon On 10.02.2008 @ 20:11


The Shirts Get Browner

The saga of the self-destruction of Jason Leopold continues with Larry Johnson threatening legal action against me for things I did not do.

Comment Posted By SEIXON On 25.07.2006 @ 14:15


I'm thinking that whoever leaked to Leopold, if this story is completely bunk, knew that he has a poor reputation due to being a former cocaine addict, a convicted felon (grand larceny and forgery), and has had problems with plagiarism and unethical journalistic practices.

Knowing this, they could easily set up Leopold with this bunk story, and if he decides to turn on his sources (source confidentiality, what's that?) then they can just turn it right back at him and say that he is just making it up.

In fact, I don't think Leopold would be so stupid that he would put his entire credibility (or what's left of it) on the line if he knew it was completely false. That makes me want to believe that either the story is true, or he is being set up.

With that said, Leopold has been riding the "Rove to be indicted" wave since October of last year. If the story turns out to be fake, be prepared to see him write another story to try and spin it. There's always one or another excuse he can come up with, alter the story, and keep stringing along the hopeful Bush-haters.

Chris Matthews and David Shuster seem to be pretty sure of themselves in saying that Rove is going to get served, if that is any consolation to Leopold.

Comment Posted By Seixon On 15.05.2006 @ 01:41

Leaping Leopold

Jason Leopold reported on Friday that Rove has been indicted and that it will be announced in the coming week. Is it true, or has Leopold been set up or lied to? Speculation on Leopold's sources ends up with Larry Johnson and the VIPS crew.

Comment Posted By SEIXON On 15.05.2006 @ 01:29


Mrs. Wilson's maiden name was never a secret, they could have used Google to find it. Where?

On the web site of a company that Wilson worked/works for. In other words, Wilson leaked his own wife's maiden name to the company he worked for, so they could put it in his bio on their web site. That's how secret her maiden name was folks.

That also proves how much of a liar Wilson is, since he has said at least a few times that specifically revealing her maiden name compromised her whole career.

Have a look:

Comment Posted By Seixon On 16.07.2005 @ 20:49



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