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Just read your comments on cats. Good stuff. The issue of naming cats is difficult. Humans need to realize that cats already have a name, and our job is to discover it. Case in point: Ten years ago, a cute little kitten showed up, and my daughter adopted it. She is really a good looking cat. My daughter, romantic that she is, name this creature Emily. We all tried to adapt to the name, but this cat was beyond feisty. She can hold her own in a dogfight. After two weeks, we discovered that her name was Vasquez, the same as the woman Marine in Aliens. You know the one; "Hey Vasquez, have you ever been mistaken for a man? - No, have you?" That's our Vasquez. She's just as mean as the rest of the kids.

Comment Posted By Scott Hanshaw On 24.05.2005 @ 07:54



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