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"if Foley carried on his perversions in secret with only the terrified children knowing of his activities – then the question rightly arises why a Democrat connected organization allowed someone they knew as a pervert to continue to stalk children in the House of Representatives, failing to release the information until maximum political damage could be done to the opposition"

So, if Foley was terrifying children, and the republican leadership knew about it, then it's the democrats fault, because they leaked the info to the media?

I've thought about this for 6 years, and now I'm sure, you guys are insane.

" secret with only the terrified children..."

I bet you have no clue as to how bizarre that statement is. (Only to someone with the critical thinking skills of a marmoset. Once again and with feeling...THERE IS NO EVIDENCE THAT THE HOUSE LEADERSHIP OR ANY REPUBLICAN FOR THAT MATTER KNEW OF FOLEY'S DIRTY IM'S TO PAGES. NONE ZERO. ZIP. NADA. YOU ARE LEAPING TO A CONCLUSION NOT BUTRESSED BY THE FACTS)

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