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Reynolds: There is much to be proud of in American history, including our evolution on basic civil rights for all citizens. Liberals acknowledge none of it. To them, America remains an unrepentent racist nation bent on subjugating all people of color and exploiting the world's poor.

You are deeply confused. Liberals do hate freedom of religion (if it is Christianity) and freedom of the press when it says something they don't like (i.e. The "Fairness Doctrine"). Leftists routinely abolish both of these freedoms as soon as they take power.

Our past contains many mistakes (e.g FDR's internment camps), but on the whole is a tale that is an inspiration to humanity. I will stand against those who wish to fundamentally "change" America into a multicultural socialist tyranny by rewriting history to focus on the worst of the past in order to deligitimize our culture.

Comment Posted By Samuel Davis On 9.07.2008 @ 23:36

Beinart paints a far too benign picture of contemporary liberalism's take on America. Liberals do not love their country; they absolutely despise a majority of its citizens and believe its history is one long tale of genocide and destruction. Liberalism is born of adolescent narcissm, ignorance, and a deep psychological problem with authority. To quote Beinart:

"Thus, patriotism isn’t about honoring and replicating the past; it’s about surpassing it."

For liberals, I believe "patriotism" is about repudiating the past.

Comment Posted By Samuel Davis On 8.07.2008 @ 23:34



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