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Interesting article.

A couple problems, though.

First, the snowstorm of 1979 was hardly a once in a century event--a similar storm occured just 12 years earlier. We got twenty-three inches then, though there was no snow on the ground when that one started.

Second, the coordination of the snow removal was badly botched. You could see trucks parked all over the city, waiting for someone--anyone--to tell them what to do next. I was not alone in fighting my way out of a completely unplowed neighborhood only to see snowplows idling by the side of the road once I got to a major thoroughfare.

Oh, and Janey wasn't unknown, she'd actually been the butt of Royko's humor several times before she ran for mayor. Justly, judging by her performance as mayor.

Sam Paris

Comment Posted By Sam Paris On 6.09.2005 @ 08:41



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