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So, let’s cool our jets. Let’s stop the scalp-hunting. It has to be a voluntary thing. The Greenwalds have to agree to it, too, or it doesn’t work.

How about an online integrity pledge?

Comment Posted By Sadly, No! Research Labs On 8.02.2007 @ 15:02


You might note that not all (or even most) lefty comments on that post received my special attentions. Only the smug, the self righteous, and the really juvenile commenters were made to look like idiots.

Well, we take a strictly laissez-faire approach: If a commenter is smug, self-righteous, or juvenile, we figure they'll look like an idiot all on their own.

Comment Posted By Sadly, No! Research Labs On 14.11.2006 @ 20:55

There are roughly 17 times more blogposts about Frisch than the anthrax loon.

That's because the right wing went bazongo over the Frisch incident, howling for us to 'repudiate' her within literally 15 minutes of the time the story broke on Protein Wisdom. I mean literally 15 minutes.

And the Frisch incident didn't hit the mainstream news at all until the howling reached FOX quite a bit later.

Not only that, the idiot who runs Sadly No linked a Malkin piece that had a time stamp of 12:30 pm. He uses this as proof that Malkin didn’t mention the loon because she’s a hypocrite.

I don't claim not to be an idiot. But she's really been on the ball since then, eh?

Oh, Rick -- if you edit nonsense words into my comment to 'discredit' it like you did to Brad last week, we'll goop snovvle I wike to pway wif dolls penisheimer

Comment Posted By Sadly, No! Research Labs On 14.11.2006 @ 18:31



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