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>>I truly hope McCain understands the devil he is dealing with and that Obama must be defeated at all costs. Obama plus a democrat Congress will be an evil that may never be undone in our lifetime or our children’s lifetimes.>>

No offense, but it is exactly this kind of dire prognostication that has me wanting to vote for Obama. The fear mongering by the right makes me sick to my stomach, despite the fact I don't agree with the New Left or wealth redistribution. Obama isn't what the country needs right now, but evil? Give me a freaking break.

Comment Posted By Ryan On 27.10.2008 @ 11:26


Hey, very cool. Politics and oratory have always been hand in hand. People who say that a speech, delivered to millions of people, is not political, need to change their views on politics. Yes MLK was not advocating any political party. Nor was he holding any public office. What he was doing was stirring a movement. A movement for human rights, yes, but still a movement. Politics are routed in human movements. They ARE movements. But yes, the Gettysburg Address was the prelude to the I Have a Dream speech and set in motion that ideology. Anyways, whatever. That's not what I wanted to discuss. I wanted to say that I have a blog that is devoted to compiling some of the most famous speeches of history and explaining how they relate to our world today. I don't have a ton of speeches yet but I'm adding more everyday. When I have a large collection, I'm going to start outlining, and gathering outlines from other sources on how they relate to us today. If someone wants to check it out, the url is Also, if anyone wants to exchange links and has a relevant site, please contact me! Thanks!

Comment Posted By Ryan On 7.02.2008 @ 14:10


#42. . .

It would rake 3000 people donating less than the maximum to give him his take from that organized event; It woudl take the organized efforts of .001% of the country's population getting together and donating. That is hardly a sign of anything other than having a dedicated cult following - which is also why I think ANYONE'S cash contributions are not indicative of much. Even at only 2,000 a pop, a very small percentage of people can make a large dollarsign splash.

Comment Posted By Ryan On 8.11.2007 @ 07:41

""Now that’s seriously funny. This guy is very well known for skewing poll results and his methods are anything but scientific. I find it ironic that you accuse RP supporters of stacking polls (without evidence) and then claim Lunz’s “polls” to be legitimate.But of course as you said this is a conspiracy and the majority of us are nut jobs to believe as such lol.""

Isn't it AMAZING that somehow _Every single poll_ that isn't in an easily hackable or spamable format shows Paul as a "Two percenter'? THe Democrats, republicans, and independants are all working together and conspiring against Ron Paul, as well as all of the pollsters?

Occam's Razor - which is more likely - that Paul really is a "Two percenter' - or that the entirity of the country and all media organizations from Fox News, to MSNBC, to Gallup, to Pew are conspiring against him?

Comment Posted By Ryan On 8.11.2007 @ 07:34


Its amazing to watch these liberals wring their hands about Fox News, but when confronted with the fact other news channels are biased to the left they just deny it.

Anyone can turn on MSNBC and watch the interviews done with Republican/Democrat pundits and candidates. They are interviewed completely different. Republicans are always pushed very hard on everything they say and are treated like hostile witnesses, while democrats are given a chance to talk and are never pressed to back up anything they say.

Its plainly obviously to most people that the media wans democrats to win this election. The media flat out ignores inconsistencies in what the dems say and they ignore their scandals.

Comment Posted By Ryan On 12.09.2007 @ 12:37


Arizona Daily Wildcat (university newspaper)
Newsroom (520) 621-3551

Tucson Citizen
Phone: (520) 573-4561

Arizona Star

Oregon Daily Emerald (university newspaper)

Oregon Register-Guard

Comment Posted By Ryan On 8.07.2006 @ 14:36


Rick. You clicked through. Thanks.

I'm a bit disappointed that you didn't answer my question, but that's all up to you.

Actually, the blog (The Liberal Avenger) isn't mine. I've just been tending to it for the last month while the owner has been taking a breaking from avenging. I've never attended Berkeley or lived in Mass; honestly, I've been living in bright red states for the last decade, or so.

Believe it, or not, we're pretty sane over there. We won't bite.

Comment Posted By Ryan On 6.08.2005 @ 21:45

Apologies for repeating myself, but

DU = blog ?

The reason I'm looking for an explanation is that this is in a sense your punchline entry. As Mithra points out, there aren't any jokes here. The rating system is kind of humorous, though. You could have stuck in some irrational numbers (get it?), even.

Comment Posted By Ryan On 6.08.2005 @ 20:48

Although I can admit that Democratic Underground is a primo moonbat cave, it is not a blog.

No one here considers Free Republic to be a blog, right?

Comment Posted By Ryan On 6.08.2005 @ 15:46



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