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We have to turn him over to Chavez. There really is no decision to be made here. By his own admission he is guilty of criminal acts and needs to be tried for them. As for our skeletons - they are a result of corrupt aspects of our foreign policy and we should be prepared to answer for them. The US should not be involved in acts that cannot withstand the light of day. Call me naive - I rather like to think of it as patriotic.

Comment Posted By Roy Hegge On 29.05.2005 @ 13:53


I see a lot of discussion here about winning and losing. I submit that our problem with Iraq has nothing to do with winning or losing. We should be asking if we want to play in this game and what the responsible courses of action would be. IMHO, we are involved in a course of action that is immoral and by many accounts illegal. I disagree with those that say well, we are in this war now and we cannot change that so lets 'win' it or as CP put it "We broke it so it's up to us to fix it". The US should remove all US troops from Iraq as quickly as possible. You can call it losing or call it winning, I don't care. Will there be a civil war in Iraq if we get out? Maybe, but Americans won't be dying in it and American money won't be spent waging it (hopefully). Leave Iraq (and its oil) to the Iraqis and if they want a democracy, they will have it and we will do business with them, and if they want another tyrant, they can have that too. And if this is the best course of action for America to take, then those Americans who use lawful means (such as legally denying military recruiters access to kids at high schools)are hardly traitors, but perhaps patriots of the highest degree, more deserving of the Medal of Honor than George Tenet.

Comment Posted By Roy Hegge On 29.05.2005 @ 15:13



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