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It's BECAUSE you can live with the raghead stuff that we have problems. Bible thumper...jesus freak...wingnut...moron (that would be relating to Bush)'re comfortable with those? AND let's just hear Bill Maher, Al Franken or Jon Stewart say that they wish they had killed Bush...
Still comfy?
Still...must be nice to have such low standards for "brilliance" when it comes to conservatism..."who the hell else would stand up for McCarthy" is a compliment? Hell...Hitler got the trains running on time...the electriciy was on more often and gas was 4 cents a gallon under Saddam! William Buckley MIGHT be insulted by such "bold and brave", er...ahem..."thinking".

Comment Posted By Ronbo On 11.02.2006 @ 22:04

"spewed forth from her brilliant, eccentric mind"

I'm sorry...I've read Coulter...and seen her speeches...PLEASE share some of that "brilliance" with me...I can say this without hesitation...I don't agree with Franken, but he makes me laugh...Coulter just makes me...ashamed...that her hateful rhetoric is defended by the very same people who shake their self-righteous finger when Jon Stewart says things that ARE insightful AND funny...I had a friend who once told me that he'd rather discuss things with an intelligent liberal than be agreed with by a stupid conservative...

Comment Posted By Ronbo On 11.02.2006 @ 20:08



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