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The liberals worked so hard to discredit Bush with their 9/11 hearings, said he did not do enough... Now it is revealed (don't get me started on the treasonous profiteering actions of the NYT) he was on point, this is comforting to me and the rest of middle America. To NOT spy on the enemy would be criminal in the first degree, that liberals such as Alt want to rant about the rights of terrorists is beyond my ability to understand. I think this frames the argument perfectly that the DMC led by Dr. Dean has lost its' mind. You will be hard pressed to find any reasonable person living in the USA that objects to snooping on terrorists. My guess is another year of this DNC lunacy and the republicans will have at least 65 votes to work with.

Comment Posted By Ron W. On 21.12.2005 @ 01:34



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