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   "... It is almost inconceivable that an argument is taken seriously that we don't have the right to secure our borders and determine who shall enter our country. Not only has such lunacy become respectable, but our mainstream media instantly, instinctively embraces such a position. Every radio headline newscast, almost every newspaper and television report willfully refuses to distinguish between illegal and legal immigrants. Each report stamps the mark of evil on the forehead of all who would guard our borders.
     Even the Republican president of the United States makes the nonest of non sequiturs, when he justifies doing nothing to enforce the border laws by claiming that these are decent humans just looking for a chance in life.
     Well, with the exception of the 29 percent of federal prisoners and similar numbers in state prisons, with the exception of those who seek our welfare, rather than a job -- the rest of the wayfarers are indeed far from their native lands for the most decent and best of intentions." From the Washington Time news paper this morning.

We have 13 million illegals of military age in this country in time of war; not to smart. We have Senator Harry Reid giving a secret $4 million dollars ear mark to a Mexican organization which is preaching rebellion. We have at least another 50 million illegals ready to swim the Rio Grand after the Senate gives our country away. We have President Fox sending his citizens over the border in waves, an act of war for millennia. We have Senators who are unaccountable it seems, who have forgotten just who has put them into office. Just what are the procedures to get rid of a setting Senator,has it ever been done before, are there laws pertaining to this situation?

Comment Posted By Ron Norman On 3.05.2006 @ 14:20



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