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B.Poster:The criteria for eventual withdrawl from Iraq should be after we have established a government that is allied with the US in the GWOT and is stable. If we are not going to make an effort to do this, then we should withdraw to “fortress America” straight away.

Roderick: How long do you believe it will take to obtain this goal and how much money do you think the American taxpayers are willing to spend to accomplish the unrealistic goal?

B. Poster: It is going to be very difficult to root out Iran’s influence. The best we may be able to do is to contain it in much the same way that we contained the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Roderick: So the only way to 'contain' Iran would be to leave U.S. troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan indefinitely, correct?

B. Poster: Whether Bush has played politics with the military or not does not alter the fact that the US faces an enemy who poses an existential threat to it.

Roderick: The question that never gets discussed is how do we fight this threat. Unfortunately you right-wing types believe military action is the one and only answer to each and every sitution although terrorism is asymetrical warfare.

Even doo-doo bird Bush got it right when he said we were going to have to fight a different type of war--but he decided to fight it the same way previous conflicts have been fought.

B. Poster: I also agree that the size of the military should be increased. I don’t think 96,000 is nearly enough. I think we should go on a war footing simillar to the mobilization we did for WWII. Even if these additional troops are not used in Iraq, they will likely be needed somewhere. They will probably be needed for homeland defense.

Roderick: Would you support a return of the draft because that is the only way you could get that amount of troops you want for all of these missions?

B. Poster:When the Democrats voted to confirm General Petraeus they should have known full well what his strategy would be. An anti-war position is an honorable one, however, the way the Democrats have gone about it is questionable.

Roderick: HUH?
They gave Bush the man he wanted and even Patraeus said that the surge had ONLY a 1-in-4 shot of working. The Iraq appropriation bill the House passed set a withdrawal deadline for August 31, 2008 and the Senate passed a Spring 2008 withdrawal deadline. If Patraeus can't make the 'surge' work given over a year then maybe he wasn't right man for the job.

Comment Posted By Roderick On 28.03.2007 @ 16:17

B.Poster: If the US withdraws from Iraq to quickly, Al Qaeda, Iran, or some combination of them will gain control of the country. If the US continues with this “Democracy” thing, Iran may use the democratic process to gain control of the country. They have already gained significant influence within Iraq. Its hard to see how having Al Qaeda and/or Iran gaining control of Iraq could have a good ending for the US.

Roderick: So what is the criteria for eventual withdrawal?

You have already stated that Iran already has influence in the Iraqi government so how do we root out that influence before we leave?

The answer is-we can't and since Syria and Iran border Iraq it only a matter of time after we leave- be it six months from now or 60 years the result will be the same so why waste more money and American soldiers on this folly.

B.Poster: This becomes even worse now that both political parties have decided to play politics with the military. This is truly disgusting.

Roderick: Dude what have you been smoking?

Bush has played politics with the military since 9/11 happened and he has continued to play fast and lose with the military before Iraq ( not sending in enough troops to do the job and some soldiers not knowing that they would be occupying the country after the invasion) to refusing to acknowledge how Iraq is hurting military readiness and turning a deaf ear to calls from both sides of the aisle in Congress to increase the size of the military before the results of last November's election made his position politically untenable and he finally agreed to add the 96,000 troops.

Comment Posted By Roderick On 28.03.2007 @ 09:54



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