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All of your examples are ridiculous. You are projecting shame of the actions of individuals on your country. The actions of Nixon, Carter, Clinton and yes even Reagan were not the actions of your country, but the actions of a few individuals that we elected. No human is perfect, even Presidents. Our country has survived the actions of these men, and I daresay, that we are better for it. This is and has been the greatest country in history and will survive the actions of any one individual. The fear I have is that the comparitive ignorance of our people to generations past will allow the election of a poser, a true demogogue. that will change our country in ways that are infathomable to the young and easily impressed.

Comment Posted By Rick Smith On 20.02.2008 @ 20:01



Adequate canditates but nobodies? I don't know where your'e comin from. Who is adequate? I was a Connally supportor in the '80 primaries so that shows where I come from, but even I would admit that he had a narrow appeal, even then. Your comparisons of candidates then and now may have an appeal in an abstract sort of way, but they share a similiarity with the candidates of today, most are unelectable, in spite of your personal feelings.

We have to make a judgement based on the politics of today.

I honestly believe it will come down to a choice that may not be made, namely can a Republican ticket beat Clinton/Obama.

Comment Posted By Rick Smith On 4.05.2007 @ 21:55


You are truly starting to sound like and write like a leftist troll. That this group of men inspired such vitriol compared to the Democratic slate is troubling to say the least. Get a grip the election is 18 months away and our system allows for the occasional Huckabee or Kuchinch. Narrowing your perspective in the way you do only gives support to the socialists who have the advantage at this point due to the MSM that still have the ability to appeal to an uneducated electorate.

Comment Posted By Rick Smith On 4.05.2007 @ 21:23



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