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The surge is not working. It's not even a surge. They admitted today that when it's "over" the troop level will be higher than when it started. And, it ain't working, period. The seasonal variations are larger than the cited stats. It's bush*t that you are buying. Besides, the surge wasn't rationalized to kill or stop killing, it was to provide an environment for political progress. The Iraqis went on vacation while we "surged". They missed 15 of 18 benchmarks, and the 3 hits were minor. Our troops are dying for NOTHING. There is nothing that is going to change from an Iran-friendly Shiite pseudo-theocracy. In a year, I'll tell you " I told you so" again, but another 1300 American troops will be dead, FOR NO REASON.

Comment Posted By Richard W. Crews On 10.09.2007 @ 20:23

Well, Rick, I disagree with what you said about the Left, and your logic. If the Left is saying "I told you so", the only way to achieve that correct status is to have been correct earlier, in the face of differing opinion. Given that the differing opinion is the administration, the trained generals, the repeating media, I find that the Left's position has been both early, correct, and brave in the face of society's might. Let me just say " I told you so", loudly, and from the Left. The bush posse and the trained generals, and the neo-cons can only dream of being as correct as the Left. If that's training, then you guys had best get trained.

Comment Posted By Richard W. Crews On 10.09.2007 @ 17:45


If the Israeli/Palestinian problem could be solved (and it can), then who would the Iranians have to target? No one!
THEN ... the world could get down on Iran for bellicosity, whatever. As it stands, we got nothing to bitch about.
Iran does have a higher moral ground than the US. We have invaded two countries, on both sides of Iran. We have nuked before, have opinions of acceptance of more of the same, and we don't honor treaties. Our word, especially our presidents word, is garbage.
This is sad and dangerous. We need to fix our house, help fix the rest, and live right.

Comment Posted By Richard W. Crews On 7.01.2007 @ 17:32



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