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I suspect CNN.

Comment Posted By Rev. Mykeru On 9.03.2005 @ 08:13

Oh wait, there it is. Well, I'm going to claim conspiracy and media bias rather than admit to error. It seems to be the thing to do.

Comment Posted By Rev. Mykeru On 8.03.2005 @ 07:17


Do you have examples of her other writings to prove her "anti-Americanism", or is your criticism that she just doesn't have the right attitude towards being shot for no good reason. I know should some jihadist accidentally (or otherwise)shoot you there would be no hard feelings.

Incidentally, I find it exceedingly interesting that you edited your post to remove your remark about the AP reporter finding the Mauser rather than a policeman after I provided a cite to show you were wrong.

It would be Orwellian if it wasn't so clumsy. No wonder PDF capture is my friend should you decide to edit my comments too.

Comment Posted By Rev. Mykeru On 8.03.2005 @ 07:14

"(BTW, it wasn’t a “cop” that made the statement about the Mauser in TSD, it was an AP reporter who saw the gun and mis ID’d it. The AP pulled the report in minutes…but not before NBC reported it.)"

Wrong. Apparently you are one of those people who never tires of pulling authoritative information from your ass:

Deputy Constable Seymour Weitzman was one of the police officers on the sixth floor of the depository. Upon glancing at the rifle, he thought the rifle looked like a 7.65 Mauser. He later made a statement to the Dallas police on November 23, and the FBI on November 23(page 1 and 2) and November 25 (page 1 and 2) stating the rifle he saw was a 7.65 Mauser.

In his Warren Commission testimony, he explained how he thought it was a Mauser, but he only glanced at it.

Mr. BALL. In the statement that you made to the Dallas Police Department that afternoon, you referred to the rifle as a 7.65 Mauser bolt action?

Mr. WEITZMAN. In a glance, that's what it looked like.

Mr. BALL. That's what it looked like did you say that or someone else say that?

Mr. WEITZMAN. No; I said that. I thought it was one .


Comment Posted By Rev. Mykeru On 7.03.2005 @ 22:37


Nah, that's OK, we can snark at you over at my place (comments, message board and all) because, after all, your house has too many white sheets hanging on the line outside, if you get my less than subtle drift.

Besides, you've got the tinfoil hat on the wrong head, matey: Finding anomalies in eyewitness accounts is an old conspiracist's ruse. There are still Kennedy Conspiracy whackjobs writing books because the first cop in the Texas School Book Depository mistook Oswald's Mannlicher-Carcano for a Mauser, which are very similar. And even if cops know a "suspect is lying about committing a crime" they don't expect the victim of a violent crime to have perfect recall. Giuliana Sgrena was the victim of a crime, not the people who shot her.

Comment Posted By Rev. Mykeru On 7.03.2005 @ 19:15



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