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I am shocked (but not surprised) that some people are so ignorant as to pay attention to Ann Coulter's babbling nonsense. She lost ALL credibility when she started the movement to make Joe McCarthy into some kind of a patriot. What is a conservative these days anyway? Our president has taken away our personal privacy rights, abandoned states rights issues, promised to re-sign the Brady bill if Congress renewed it, has grown the Federal government into the largest bloated entity in history, and has spent us deeper in debt than we have ever been before. Sounds like a classic liberal to me. We are now openly engaging civilian targets, not for past crimes but for thinking we may be stopping FUTURE crimes. How scary is that. That is like saying, "My neighbor is bad. I don't really have any proof that he has done anything, but in the past he has associated with people I suspect have done bad things. I don't have hard evidence against them either, but I JUST KNOW. Now I think I will kill my neighbor. He has never done anything bad to me and if I kill him he never will."
And Ann Coulter thinks that is just fine. If you do also, I pity you.

Comment Posted By Reggie Brown On 19.06.2006 @ 11:46



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