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Re: the Crusades --- read your history. Lots of good books out there. They went for loot. Like always. Saving souls was the pretext.

Comment Posted By Rebecca On 27.02.2008 @ 12:39

Wow, I had no idea how much hatred there is for anyone Muslin. That's pretty sad.

"doubt whether Obama’s Christianity goes much deeper than his devotion to Islam –"

How the heck do you know enough to doubt or praise how Christian Obama is? Are you in his head? Have any of you read his books? Admit it, you haven't, have you? It was good to read a blog pointing out how dumb some of the smears against Obama are, but too many of you guys sound bound and determined to take the low road. I think even at the Right Wing Nut House, where he's trying to help you all not make fools of yourselves, this is the beginning of a slide into obscurity for your politics. Now, where is that picture of Bush hugging that Arab sheik --- you know, the country where the 9/11 terrorists came from. If you're going to criticize a young senator, have a look at your president of 8 years too, why dontcha? Unless that is too painful for some reason ..... might have to start thinking about the thousands of dead Americans, and tens of thousands of dead Iraqi men, women and children, or the fact that we have charged this whole war on a credit card, payable by our kids and grandkids, to the Chinese. Nice. Go ahead and flame me, I ain't reading it. After you're done, go apologize to your kids for the mess your Pres is leaving them. We'll all be dead in 50 years, but they will owe and owe and owe. It hurts, doesn't it? I think that's why you're obsessing over native garb. You guys can't bear the light. Quick! Blame the Dems! Blame Clinton! Blame Greenpeace! There is no global warming! They want to take my guns! Just keep saying it, and maybe you can avoid the pain of reality a little longer.

Comment Posted By Rebecca On 27.02.2008 @ 12:36


DorianGray - I guess the changing stories of the accuser, the lack of DNA evidence, the testimony of the cab driver and other stripper were bought by the rich parents of the young men. The Attorney General called the charges unfounded and said that these young men were INNOCENT. Those must be pretty powerful parents.

Rick - It is admirable that you are sticking up for your brother, but his editorial was ill conceived and reflected poorly on him. Calls for him to be fired are just as ill-conceived.

Comment Posted By Rebecca On 16.04.2007 @ 11:30



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