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Once again religion rears it's ugly head. Their actions and your reactions are all guided by thoughts planted in your heads at a very young age before you were capable of critical thinking (though I seriously doubt many of you are now).
You see the problem is they and you literally can't see the forest for the trees. The brainwashing starts at a very young age and believe me they have refined their techiniques greatly over the years. After reading the discourse above it's obvious most of you are incapable of truly independent thinking. Religion is the very first tool used to form your thoughts and perceptions. The fact that religion is still around in this day and age attests to the efficacy of their efforts.

Comment Posted By RealPatriot On 4.02.2006 @ 09:19


Rick Moran - Sorry all of what I said went over your head. You obviously didn't use any of your energy researching the Bush administration before you made your commment. Looks like you failed this lesson.
DaveG - Your little attempt at humor didn't work. We have real problems today that your little mind can't quite get around. Your comparison is ludicrous.

Comment Posted By RealPatriot On 4.02.2006 @ 08:48

Wake up and smell the roses you fools. What amazes me is that none of you seem to have mastered the vagaries of Google! A quick search on the 'net on all things Bush would lead any intelligent person to conclude we are in real trouble here. The parallels between what the Bush administration is doing and what Hitler and his minions did is truly troubling. Fortunately for Hitler he had people just like you idiots who would follow him over any cliff lemming-like. Bush and his crew are common thieves. If you haven't figured that out then I suggest you get some intelligent liberal to show you how to use Google. Matt is exactly right when he says he doesn't want to support our war criminal president or live in a police state. I know I don't! You dimwits have been played like fiddles! From your early religious indoctrination right on through to your belief in the "liberal" media! Check out the owners of the "liberal" media oulets if you can figure out how to use Google that is. Not a liberal among them. They and you are owned by corporate America and believe me when I say they don't have our best interests at heart. I don't expect many of you to actually use the energy required to do any research, after all that will take you out of your "comfort zone" but if you do you'll be rewarded by knowing you've actually formed an opinion by yourself without having someone tell you what to think. Come on you can do it! THINK!

Comment Posted By RealPatriot On 3.02.2006 @ 09:35



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