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Moonbat this story.America is watching the riots in France, and Australia, and many are questioning if we will be next. Many consider the violence in Australia senseless; others say there is a message behind the madness. You read the evidence produced here and make the decision.
Australian youth involved in the riots in Australia say they are not acting in a random violent way, the youth have said they are trying to bring attention to the devastation and unfair treatment Muslims permeate on non-Muslims around the world.Incidents similar to the French suburban revolts have surfaced in Australia.White youths in a coastal suburb of Sydney attacked citizens of Middle Eastern-origin Monday; the incidents have spurred similar attacks throughout country. The riots appeared to be started in retaliation for a situation that occurred where a few Middle Eastern men apparently attacked and injured part time lifeguards on a beach in Australia.Many involved in the Australian riots have said that they are doing nothing less than what their Muslim counterparts did in France recently.
Raymond B

Comment Posted By Raymond B On 13.12.2005 @ 22:18

Native American Indians have contributed in many ways to our Armed services who have fought wars in other countries. These brave people have distinguished themselves many times throughout history. I applaud all native American contributions that have contributed to the security our nation enjoys.
Raymond B

Comment Posted By Raymond B On 26.11.2005 @ 19:42

As I went out today and contributed my share of money to the gross domestic product of America, I took time to consider my fellow Americans in the military who are serving abroad. They are performing an admirable job carrying out their assigned mission for the American people, as well as completing a very appreciative service to a foreign country trying to embrace a new concept of freedom. Rather than spend time debating the merits of bringing our soldiers home today or tomorrow I wish to reflect on a moving story I read a day or two ago about soldiers just trying to perform their duty. The story revolves around the life of marines in and around Fallujah. I wake up each morning, have my morning drink, take a shower, warm up the car, drive to work, drive home, then relax. After relaxing I turn on the daily news and watch the highlights or hot topics of the Iraq war. The television has sensationalized the war so much that at times I believe people forget these are real people in these 30 second video clips, this is someone’s brother or sister we are watching, not an actor who walks back to his trailer after a filmed battle scene. I hear debate over when the troops should be brought home, the discussion seems so impersonal, I feel that this is the wrong way to discuss this topic, the topic should be nothing but personal. Each time I drive down the freeway to work and I see the flag at half staff I throw up a quick prayer for the soldier that flag symbolizes, I may not know him but I know his kind and if praying for him is the least I can do to show my appreciation and respect then I consider it an honor and privilege to do so. I hope in the weeks to come more and more people discuss this topic, do not be discouraged by close-minded people who call you un-American if you discuss this issue. American soldiers such as these same brave men and woman fought for and died for your right to discuss these exact types of issues. Educate yourself, speak with your elected officials, do all that you can to support these brave men and women. Do more than just watch a 30 second clip on CNN or Fox News. Get involved, find out information, make an informed comment when you discuss the issue of bringing home our soldiers.
Raymond B

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