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He makes me ill- John McCain!

Yeah I'll vote for him. And pray for the best at the same time expecting the worst.

Comment Posted By Raven On 12.02.2008 @ 20:09


Hey Rick want to see your BP go up even more?? Read this...
another example of the NHS's priorities.

While they sit around and debate providing health care to obese, smoking drinking people, they are willing to fork out millions to this non health care related issue.

Makes me ILL. And to think, we are heading there.

Comment Posted By Raven On 1.02.2008 @ 19:54


It seems the Edwards is giving Amanda and the other blogger a second chance.

I stand by my original thoughts. Poor judgment. And, a "talking" with Amanda and the other will they feel they need to tone down their free speech now?

Comment Posted By Raven On 8.02.2007 @ 12:44

Another thing too...It's not like people broke into Amanda's house and ripped apart her personal papers and diaries. It's not like people LOOKED for trouble here.

Amanda and Pandagon in general are well known among bloggers on both sides of the political fence...the posts that have been highlighted in this affair were written about before on many right wing when people heard Amanda had been hired by Edwards- no one needed to dig for any dirt. The dirt was readily known. I think people were just shocked that Edwards used such poor judgment (in many people's minds).

When we blog, when we put forth our thoughts and opinions and ideas, and in my case for example, personal stories of past days, we do so knowing the WORLD has access to this.
We have to accept responsibility for what we write and be ready to defend our posts. Amanda took down her stuff, which just added to the fire here.

Comment Posted By Raven On 8.02.2007 @ 10:08

Rick, I understand what you're saying here. For me, this wasn't a personal thing with Amanda. Not at all. It was far bigger than her.

In the course of all things politics, we have seen the left lower the standards time and time again. The direction this country is heading in scares me to no end. To know that potential leaders of my country would stoop to a level that Amanda represents, frankly, appalls me. Whether Edwards knew of her opinions or not doesn't matter because he SHOULD have known...part of what he will have to do is try to get some people on the right to sway their vote to him. To bridge the gap...and if he is elected, he will need to work to bring the country together.

It's a free country, I would NEVER take away her right to call the Pope any name she choses; to rant and rave and call me names and slam right wingers...but a candidate for President MUST rise above this. This person MUST show good judgment and ability to lead and manage. Hiring the likes of Amanda proved those traits to be lacking in Edwards.

I think we have a responsibility to uphold the standards that make this country so great...if that means writing posts about our shocked and awed and yes, hurt, feelings over Amanda's extreme points of view, so be it. The shock came more from the fact Edwards hired her. It's a tough world. Politics is even rougher. When one enters the fray, they have to be prepared to be vetted out. Everyone knows this.

Comment Posted By Raven On 8.02.2007 @ 09:23


BWAHAHAH!! Great minds are always thinking alike. Thank you for the link!! Disregard the other comment with the link to my post!!

Comment Posted By Raven On 5.01.2007 @ 15:28

Excellent...As you know Rick, I have worked with kids like Ashley through the years. It should be noted:
*These treatments, surgeries, performed on Ashley have no bearing on her longevity. She would not have died had she NOT had them done.
*Many of the "accepted" treatments performed now-a-days seemed very radical at one time as well. Spinal fusions, hip re-alignments, bladder removal and the like. People reacted very much the same back then. These kids go through more surgeries and treatments than most people realize. Many of these are for the caregiver- to make caring easier.
*Each of these procedures, on their own, are not new. On their own they have passed the test of sound, safe medical practices.

Ashley will be fine. She will not suffer because of this.
At my work, we see admissions to the children's unit when these kids turn 12 or 13...they have grown too big for their parents to care for them safely...many parents have had severe back injuries from lifting. Many say this is a social problem- that the government needs to intervene and provide better services and equipment. Many others say kids like Ashley should be insitutionalized because they cannot recieve "adequate" care at home.

See my post about this:

Comment Posted By Raven On 5.01.2007 @ 15:27


Well spoken Rick.

Saddam is one of many evil men. His death means nothing to those who have beared witness to his crimes; to those who still bear witness to crimes of other leaders.

It's not something to party about.

I won't watch a video. No thanks. Just be done with it- and have some dignity with it. Not that he deserves it, but...

Comment Posted By Raven On 29.12.2006 @ 12:59


Rick- I read most of this post through my reader program. I feel for you...I have lost pets- cats and dogs- who were members of my family for years. It's hard. They leave a void in our heart and soul when they go on to their next venture- and I believe there is an adventure awaiting them when they leave us.

God Speed friend.

Comment Posted By Raven On 16.12.2006 @ 15:28


Awesome Rick...until one lives with PD and/or works with those who are inflicted with it, one needs to shut up!
It is a horrific disease that progresses into even worse states than most people can imagine.

Let's put the namecalling aside on this stuff.

While there is room for political argument, I have no problem with MJF standing up for polcats who might support research that might offer him a cure.

Comment Posted By Raven On 25.10.2006 @ 08:43

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