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There are certainly troubling aspects to the idea that the anthrax attacks were planned and carried out by an employee who works in a government lab.

Given what we have been told about the anthrax in question, isn't it nearly certain that a government lab employee was involved somehow?

And there's a third troubling aspect to the anthrax story that few people are talking about - ABC News' reporting that "bentonite" was present in the anthrax, because of the connection of bentonite to Iraq. In truth, there was no bentonite present, and the reports to the contrary were used to construct a plausible causus belli for the administration's crusade. Who planted the bentonite story?

Ah! Glenn Greenwald's straw man. The idea that the bentonite story helped gin up support for the Iraq war is silly. 95% of Americans never heard it and if they did would not have made a difference in whether they supported the invasion or not - something only around 50% of the country was for (After we went in, those numbers skyrocketed but in Feb, 2002 support for toppling Saddam was I believe at 54%.)

And as we've seen, ABC's sources on terrorism stories have been horrible.

I would believe Porky Pig before I put any stock whatsoever in anything Glenn Greenwald writes.


Comment Posted By Ralph Kramden On 1.08.2008 @ 10:11


"Would independents and even some Democrats really support McCain in a general election against either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama?"

If Hillary is the candidate, then I think many independents, even liberal-leaning independents will vote for McCain. And I think many liberal Democrats may simply not vote.

Strange as it may seem to many on the right, Hillary is NOT liked by many liberals. If you doubt this, take a stroll through DailyKos.

Reactions to McCain from some on the right and some on the left are inexplicable to me. I echo zwhite's confusion - why is it that some people across the political spectrum see McCain as a liberal? There's certainly little evidence from his voting record. Unless you're a conservative who demands 100% loyalty to each and every conservative issue, how can you say McCain is "liberal". I hear talk radio screamers like Severin calling McCain a "Democrat".

As a liberal Democrat myself, this is just nonsensical to me.

Comment Posted By Ralph Kramden On 31.01.2008 @ 10:44



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