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We are not at war with the mooooslim world, but many in that world have been at war with us for years and years, pre-dating GW Bush.

There can be no reconciliation with militant, fundamentalist Islam, which is does not simply include al Qeada; it includes great swaths of the Mohammedan world.

Islam uses the tool of immigration to send it's civilian/soldiers (the umma) throughout the Western world to create outposts of Islam in the lands of the infidels. Sharia law then begins to creept into civic life. Those who think so called "terrorists" can be divorced from Islam are foolish and ignorant of Islam.

It's the immigration, stupid.

Comment Posted By rssg On 7.04.2009 @ 09:02

Not only is this “philosopher-king” a complete bore, I think he does harbor some anti-American feelings - you can tell this as he is so ambivalent when speaking about our country. He is beyond a mere liberal; he's a leftist.

He holds these Oprah-style, touchy-feely townhall PR events to prey on the low hanging fruit of young and naïve college students in European countries.

We’re stuck with a pontificating wimp in the White House.

Barry is an embarassment to the United States. Of course foreigners love him, for he wants to weaken and diminish his own country, which is good for others, namely our competitors and enemies. Of course Obambi likely does not believe in any such concept as "enemies" for his surely believes enemies are simply people who we haven't appeased yet.

What a shame he is.

Comment Posted By rssg On 7.04.2009 @ 08:56


B.Poster - as an Air Force veteran, I can tell you're opinions of the USA's arsenal are full of rubbish.

Our nuclear deterrent is still very, very up to date and the best in the world, bar none. It is constantly being tested, modified and updated.

And economically, we are in a recession. They happen every 10-15 years, sometimes minor ones more often. Much of the "talk of doom" is simply spin to advance an agenda. That's The Bama's schtick; also many in the media, "the end times are coming!", yadda, yadda, yadda.

We simply need to restrain government spending (excluding defense), adopt more of a flat/fair tax and let the American people use free enterprise to pull us (and the world) out of this recession.

Will it happen with The Bama? Not likely. He's a pretty dedicated statist/socialist/social justice/redistributor type.

November 2010.

Comment Posted By rssg On 29.03.2009 @ 15:22

busboy33 - I get a kick out of the naive like yourself.

Islam is not just a religion but very much a political ideology as well. You do realize that, don't you? And one hostile to the West for ahhh, centuries.

I have lived my entire life in Dearbornistan, Michigan, which always had Arabs/Muslims but since about the early 1990's, the Mohammedans started appearing here more and more fundamentalist and radical. Not one day goes by, not one, where you don't see men and women dressed in the most bizarre "turd world" garb, practicing archaic "cultural customs" in their homes and yards, Sharia Law is not slowly making it's way into our city's civic life and our public schools.

The liberal (left and right liberal) asks: how has this happened?

Answer: Unrestricted, mass, family, chain immigration, that's how. Plus combine it with the cult of multiculturalism and the lack of pride in being an American shown my most "educators" and politicians.

Been to England, France, Germany, Holland, Italy lately? The moooslims are using immigration as a tool of conquest. Islam does not co-exist with other religions. It is a superiority, dominant ideology-religion.

Please wake up and show some backbone before it's too late.

Comment Posted By rssg On 29.03.2009 @ 13:56

The Fresh Prince's plan? Ah, about 95% the same as Bush's, just like the Fresh Prince announces an "end" to the war in Irag, when in fact, we've been drawing down troops all through 2008 and Husseins's plan is 95% the same as Bush's.

What a genius our Statist in Chief is. The only correct strategy with respect to muslims is to kill the worst of the worst and reduce/prevent muslims from immigrating here. Anything short of that is failure; for they will "Sharia-ize" us just like they are doing to European countries.

Buy a prayer rug and get your wife/girlfriend a burka - you're gonna need both.

Comment Posted By rssg On 29.03.2009 @ 10:02


To those around the world who now want to brag about how wonderful their countries are, I have this to say: Great, please stay there, don't immigration here!

Anyone beyond the age of 8 should know that economies don't always go up and up and up. They fluctuate up and down unless they are state controlled. Then everyone is equal - equally poor.

Bottom line: Let's not exaggerate the current troubles, what'ya say? We're in a recession. They occur every 8-10 years and have so for half a century now. Everyone grow up.

Comment Posted By RSSG On 9.12.2008 @ 16:11

I guess I just don't buy into the idea that presidents suceed or fail. I don't believe presidents have that much influence and I believe they are often at the mercy of events beyong their control (that can be fortunate or unfortunate). I believe we all (at the encouragement) of the MSM, invest way, repeat, WAY too much into presidents. Presidents influence things, especially the economy, in tiny ways around the margins. Nothing more.

I oppose BHO because basically, he is a big government, statist. I oppose him because he has harbored anti-American and anti-Western views, because he indeed "palled around" with self admitted communists, terrorists, radical muslims, "intellectual Fabian Socialists", etc. I believe he is unfit to the the American President.

I will work to oppose him, to weaken him and to even destroy him politically. I believe we will witness a large, conservative backlash emerge in 2009. It hasn't even begun yet.....

Comment Posted By RSSG On 9.12.2008 @ 13:42

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