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Hussein Obama needs to be shown the door, period. Van Jones, Valerie Jarrett, the FCC "Diversity Czar" and others are radical, Marxist, black liberation nut-jobs.

Hussein Obama is one as well. He is unfit for the US Presidency. He is fundamentally anti-American.

Heh - right on cue.


Comment Posted By rssg On 4.09.2009 @ 13:35


Basically anyone who takes the side of another chip on his shoulder, limosine liberal, pseudo-intellectual like Gates and against the cop just shows how feminized and socialially conditioned Caucasians have become in this country.

This isn't racial profiling; the cop was responding to a call about what seemed like a home being broken in. After entering the home, the cop needs to see some verification that the man in question does indeed live there, hence the request for a photo ID.

After verbally abusing the policeman, Gates got what was coming to him. He got arrested. Boo-hoo. Now maybe the great "scholar" will learn the lesson that you don't give the police a hard time when they are investigating a potential crime and you are the prime suspect, in something that did indeed look suspicious.

The neutered Caucasian-American continues his downward spiral.......

Comment Posted By rssg On 25.07.2009 @ 12:39

Is it surprising to those libs and foolish "conservatives" who voted for a purported "post racial" and "transformational" candidate and he turns out to be what many of us expected: a slick talking, race hustler, not that different in worldview from Sharpton and Jackson, only smoother since he learned his Alinsky lessons well (on how to act like a moderate when you're really a radical).

Barry al Hussein is what he is - obsessed with race (even though he is not truly "black", he is bi-racial, neither white nor black), obsessed with reparations, which are his policies, which are reparations by another name.

Furthermore, al Hussein is anti-American (and laughingly ignorant of US history, especially WW2 history) and an appeaser of the first rank.

This will go down as the worst presidency in many decades. Think Bush was so bad? You ain't seen nothing yet. al Hussein is unfit to the the American President. Why? Precisely because of his worldview, economic knowledge (zero) and gigantic chip on his shoulder.

Fear not. Once unemployment hits 12% or 13% nationally (officially, that is. Already over it in practice), the Pretentious Prince just may be run out of office.

Comment Posted By rssg On 25.07.2009 @ 11:11


Japanese officers were prosecuted for greivous war crimes of blatantly murdering civilians in the thousands, as well as routinely, regularly torturing American, British, Australian, Filipino, Chinese POWs. Japan was not a signer of the Geneva Convention.

al Hussein, Clinton, Kerry, Kennedy.... all lawyers.

Bush, Reagan, McCain, Palin.....not lawyers.

Hmmm, me thinks I prefer the second group.

Remember folks.......Barry al Hussein said in Cairo: He takes it upon himself to be the defender of Islam against any "negative stereotyping" in the West and in our country. Is is the role of the US President to be the "defender" of a faith? Especially one that isn't just a faith but a political ideology as well?

Just something for you to ponder.......

Comment Posted By rssg On 12.07.2009 @ 14:25

Hey Stooge, you read your Huffington Post blurbs too carelessly..........

We prosecuted Japanese officers for war crimes who did perform water torture but the Huff forgot to tell you, those Japanese officers we tried and convicted for DOZENS of other, much more serious war crimes - the water torture being the least of their crimes.

Geez, your knowledge of history is as slip-shot as al Hussein's knowledge of history. Along with me, any WW2 history experts out there? al Husseins has mentioned WW2 three or four times and each, repeat EACH time he was way off base in his telling of the story. Bet ol' Barry learned his WW2 history from Rev. Wright and Screwie Louie Farahkan.

Comment Posted By rssg On 12.07.2009 @ 14:15

Look, I'm sorry to babble on and on and I don't wish to engage in hyperbolic name calling but........

I know Rick is a "thinking man's moderate" and I'm not here to quarrel; it's your site after all.

Is Barry a liberal? Yes but let's be honest, he's more than a mere liberal. He's a far left liberal, which borders socialist. Among the worse actions that Barry has performed in his first six months is bullying Chrysler shareholders out of their rightful, lawful stock in the company in order to expediate a probably unconstitutional selling of the company to Fiat and the UAW. Contract law was thrown to the wind.

Should we start calling him Barack Hugo Obama? This economy won't recover anytime soon. In order to grow an economy, you have to first create a climate that is conducive to economic activity - something that is foreign to Barry. Obama is a classic, textbook "central planner". A Know It All, with a cabinet of Know It All's, who 99%, have zero business experience, zero military experience, even like Barry, zero experience simply working in the private sector, in a "normal" job. All of Barry's jobs were taxpayer funded, government jobs. Government jobs do not create wealth, they only shift money around.

We are being led by Fabian Socialists, who along with the media and the Commentariat Class - elites everyone of them, have nothing but contempt for ordinary Americans. Few of these people have ever really worked in their lives and it shows. Most of the Beltway "men" are quite feminized and soft.

We are screwed........

Comment Posted By rssg On 12.07.2009 @ 10:45

Torture, what torture? US Constitutional rights to illegal combatant, foreign nationals?

A much better decision than Gitmo would have been to quickly execute jihadis.

Is the "distraction" a Barry al Hussein strategem? You bet it is. When national unemployment hits 11 or 12%, our Alien in Chief just might be run out of office.

His grow government, scorn the private sector will result in a worsening economy, which we are already seeing. Barry can't change course, for his life-long mission is to "even out, spread wealth around", etc. which necessitates tying up private enterprise and imposing more and more government control, which benefits Barry's main constituency, the less productive, less educated, less successful.

Kiss the stock market goodbye anytime soon.

Say "Hello China. Goodbye USA."

Comment Posted By rssg On 12.07.2009 @ 10:24


A culture/religion/ideology that has done ZERO in the history of the world, when it comes to freedom, has a lot of nerve saying that the United States needs to humble ourselves in front of their primitive, tribal cult.

Islam has very high rates of illiteracy, political repression, lack of freedom of speech, of assembly, of religion, of movement, etc. must be rejoicing at the accomplishment of having a stealth moooslim boy in the White House. Islam never lifted a finger to help anyone or anything around the world other than extend the influence of the cult of Islam (sharia law).

Thay have pacified the West with the West's own silly guilt ridden groveling.

Take your troglodyte views and ignorant rantings elsewhere. You are not welcome and all subsequent comments will be deleted.


Comment Posted By rssg On 7.04.2009 @ 09:29

Russell Miller, you should be Barry's butt boy. What a fool you are and like Barry, ignorant of history, ignorant of Islam. Islam is a political ideology as well as a religion. That's why it is so difficult to separate Islam from terrorism because it's part of the political ideology.

If you think Islam is like Christianity, you are hopelessly uninformed.

Comment Posted By rssg On 7.04.2009 @ 09:17

This laughing stock of a community organizer, race hustling lawyer goes around the world offering his pearls of wisdom. Give me a break Barry! All you are trying to do is make up for your sperm donor communist muslim father and your whacked out leftist mother - both, repeat, both of whom abandoned you and left your white grandparents to raise you. You know the ones you have called "typical" white folks. And there are actually many Americans, many white American who voted for this mama's boy for the presidency! And they still support him as his trashes our nation over and over. Our enemies are laughing.

What have you EVER accomplished in your life Barry other than working in government jobs? Getting your wife a high paying job? Making millions by writing two autobiographies before your even old? Pressuring firms to hire more of "your people"? Mis-representing US history time and time again?

Comment Posted By rssg On 7.04.2009 @ 09:13

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