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This is about as ridiculous at it gets. While I agree that Lapham may be a good essayist, his suggestion of impeaching President Bush on the basis of John Conyers' crazy musings will not go anywhere and raises questions about his integrity. He may be an intellectual, as you say, but that's not saying much when so many of them, particularly those on the left, harbor such outrageous ideas. The prospect of the Democrats taking the House in 2006, which is doubtful, would not necessarily stir them to do what Laphan is contemplating. Americans would overwhelmingly reject something as absurd as this, unless Democrats want to keep shooting themselves in the foot. Lapham, in the sunset of his years, ought not to go out a bitter man and should stick to writing those long, rambling essays. Embracing the dirty politics of the Democrats would make him look like an unscrupulous scumbag.

Comment Posted By R.G. Lacsamana On 27.02.2006 @ 21:45



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