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Rick Moran, I think you have misunderstood a number of aspects of the post-primary period. First, Hillary should have suspended and waited like all candidates with as many votes and delegates have done before a Nominating Convention. No matter how many superdelegates told her they were voting for Barack, they cannot vote until August. I don't think any "man" would have proclaimed unity as quickly as she did, nor do I think anyone else would have worked as had for the opposition as quickly as she did. She was a "lady", a decision with which I disagree, but she became a trooper for the Dem Party. I did not see Hillary go into "summer hibernation." She has been raising big bucks for him for quite a while. Why, I do not know.

Second, it was primarily corporate money, then Republicans gaming the caususes in Red states and, finally, authoritarian leftists who fixed the delegate count with Dean's oversight that elected Obama. He did not win the majority of votes in the Democratic primaries, nor did he win the major Democratic states.

Third, I have heard Hillary on tape answering supporters' questions say that she will not sign the petition that puts her name in nomination. She believes that her supporters should have their say (and have a catharsis); this is, after all, a democracy. Large blocks of voters always have a role in every Nominating Convention. And no one should minimize the size or importance of the block of (former) liberal and centrist Democrats who believe that the Democratic Party is nominating the first UNQUALIFIED AND ILLEGITIMATE CANDIDATE ever put forward by a major political party, and nominating that person by shady means.

Fourth, Hillary will not destroy the (New) Democratic Party by trying to take over at the convention. The question is: Will the Democrats in the final analysis nominate the one Democrat at this time who could possibly lose this election. John McCain looks more and more respectable, intelligent, like a candidate with sensible policies, trustworthy, and patriotic every single day. In addition he has a sense of humor and is willing to answer voters' questions. Obama should be way ahead in the polls, but because he has deficits in each of the categories above, he loses some standing every day.

Fifth, Obama is not the leader of the Democratic Party; he is the presumptuous nominee of a "fixed" primary system and the leader of the far-left (loser-Dean-Brazille-Pelosie-Reid) New Democratic Party. They will all be defeated by Democrats, Republicans, and Independents in November.

And, fifth, I think Bill should be permitted to do exactly as he wants to do, not that he needs anyone's permission.

Comment Posted By Pyromancer76 On 7.08.2008 @ 17:29


I feel like I am reading "sour grapes" -- your conservative candidate did not win so John McCain must be destroyed through innuendo? What, is this envy? This flinty old guy outdid everyone younger than himself, and he may be the only Republican who has a "snowball's chance in a Bush-made hell" of winning. You know that bHo would not be where he is today without the massive amounts of money fed to him early on by corporations, count them -- banking, other finance, nuclear, telephone, biofuels, almost all media. I could go on and on. They usually would support the Republican in the race, but bHo did their bidding every time an important vote came around in IL and the US Senate. In addition to his corruption in the caucus states, Republicans registered as Dems so that the Dem primary candidate would be anyone-but-Hillary.

So you got the Empty One and you really are going to support him? This is the first time in history that any political party has put forward an UNQUALIFIED AND ILLEGITIMATE CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT on a presumptious basis, ever. Obama has hardly worked at any full-time job in his life, his biography is largely a fiction, and has no accomplishments that anyone can look at and use to evaluate his judgment, his talents, his skills, his thinking ability. Not only that, he cannot speak without a teleprompter; and the one in his head filled by 300 advisors (oh, and is that only on foreign policy issues?) hardly works at all. McCain's few flubs are miniscule compared to those of Obama, plus the mind-numbing uh, uh, uhs when he speaks as himself, whoever that is.

All this and the only real fault you can find with McCain is his age? Dear God, please help people understand that Obama's pathological narcissism is as great a danger to the U.S. as is his rabid marxism and anti-Americanism imbibed at his mother's and grandfather's knees and followed faithfully through high school, college, law (half) practice years (check out all those non-profits -- Annenberg, Woods, etc), and Trinity Church.

Massive dangers face the U.S. with this Pretender Candidate, and all you can complain about is that McCain is 70 years old? Unbelievable.

Comment Posted By Pyromancer76 On 23.07.2008 @ 18:08



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