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This lefty has been all for a full-scale invasion to stabalize Iraq. (BTW, my little brother has been called up and will be headed for the desert next month -- so I've got some legitimate concern about what's going on.) You don't get to call Iraq the "central front in the war on terror" and then spend four long years half-assing the job.

And that's the crux of the problem. The same brain trust that got us in this mess, who have insisted incessantly that we're making progress, who have at every turn ignored everything the Left had to say about the war (some of which ended up being oh-so-true), are still in charge. I don't care if you've always supported the idea of this war, never supported the idea of this war or fall somewhere in between. We should all be able to agree on the utter incompetence that has been masquerading as strategy.

The fact of the matter is, either going in whole hog or withdrawing completely are both preferable to continuing the same, idiotic policies that have brought us to where we are. I put zero stock in the dire predictions made by people who have had 0% success in guessing where we'd end up.

The straw that should have broke the camel's back is that latest NIE. For goodness' sake, five years and more than half a trillion dollars after 9/11, the folks who did that to us are as strong or stronger than before we did anything? That was not supposed to happen.

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