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Let us all take a moment and look at the other side. I am baffled at how naive people have become in turning a blind eye towards the United States and focusing on Syria. Yes, Syria has not been the model country for peace or humanitarianism, but how about the United States? After recently tearing apart the Iraqi people and making the country a shadow of what it used to be (keeping in mind over 30,000 innocent Iraqis were killed in the process), the U.S now turns its attention towards Syria (another military threat towards Israel). The U.S excuse for launching its military campaign in Iraq: weapons of mass destruction. Where are these weapons? Has anyone found anything? No. The U.S excuse for possibly launching another military campaign in Syria: assassinations in Lebanon and causing unrest in the region. Different excuses, same steps towards the same outcome: The innialation of the Middle East and keeping the Arab and Muslim world in chaos, while at the same time protecting Israel, a country with its own history of inhumane acts and one of the few countries that own nuclear weapons despite criticism.

I have one simple question. How do the current assassinations in Lebanon benefit Syria? Why would the Syrians go through the trouble of killing more people while they are in the process of being investigated? Why would they jeopardize their strength in Lebanon and allow themselves to be literally kicked out? My point exactly. In the end, all of this chaos benefits the U.S (and Israel by the way) and all of its attempts to completely control the Middle East and its endless most precious resource: OIL. The U.S will not tolerate the slightest military threat such as Iraq or Syria (Iran is next on the list). What a coincidence that the three countries just mentioned are (or were) the only militarily capable countries in the Middle East that oppose U.S policy and can cause any kind of threat towards The U.S's number one ally and right hand in the Middle East, Israel.

Comment Posted By Pro-Syrian On 14.12.2005 @ 14:46



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