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I did read the article, twice, and re-read it again now and do not see any mention of when. Can you quote where you see reference to the equipment disappearing before the war in this article?

Also, you say at the top "You remember the Iraq WMD? You know, the WMD that doesn’t exist, that’s just a figment of Bushitler and eeeeevil Karl Rove’s imagination who went into Iraq to steal the oil and kill Arabs? Well…according to the UN, it’s gone missing"

Yet the article is not about missing WMD's but, as you acknowledge yourself, ""dual-use” equipment, that could be used (emphasis mine) to make both pharmaceuticals and bio-weapons"

Isn't your lede mis-leading?

Comment Posted By Private On 3.06.2005 @ 12:36

Wouldn't US forces have checked those sites in the first days of the war and display the equipment to the world if it was truly nefarious?

Also, you wrote "If they were used for innocent purposes, why move them?" Didn't you answer that in the previous paragraph? "could have been sold"
Looters, scavengers, profiteers in a war zone? It has been known to happen. Iraq Entrepeneurs perhaps?

Comment Posted By Private On 3.06.2005 @ 11:24



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