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Well said, Mr. Moran. I despise our public school system - it is indeed a joke. Not only are standards down for students, they are apparently down for (many, not all) teachers too. Michael Crowley did an article in the September 2005 issue of "Reader's Digest" about teachers that are beyond disgraceful. According to his article, not only are inept teachers routinely hired, but it is nearly impossible to fire bad teachers because they are backed by the Teachers Union...I have to ask, where on earth do the children's best interests come into play? Then there are the school systems who decide that you aren't capable of teaching your child sex ed, refuse to allow kids to celebrate traditional Christian holidays, and require their own police stations inside the school. I grew up in a small East Texas town and our high school had its own police force when I was a freshman in '94. We didn't feel like students, we felt like closely watched suspects.
My two children are just toddlers now, but when they are old enough to go to school they won't - I am home schooling them. I firmly believe that the chance of my children getting a good, solid education from the government is too low to risk their futures on.

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