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I agree with Glenn's emailer. I doubt I'll be so overt, but my husband and I won't watch, listen to, read about or otherwise recognize Obama as president. I will probably read blogs and will try to listen to Rush but will avoid any and all contact possible. I think many others will all but drop out of the culture and society to preserve their sanity. This is what we plan to do. If an underground swell of subversion forms, we'll be active in it.

Just the thought of the incredible demoralization of our military under this dangerous phony is enough to make us want to cringe. The damage that will be done is incalculable.

It is ever more obvious that ACORN and all their allies pulling the strings behind this do-nothing socialist charmer want nothing less than the destruction of America. I am dead serious about this. Let us pray this does not happen.

Comment Posted By Peg C. On 14.10.2008 @ 14:29


"Swiftboating" to me is a positive. I donated a fair amount to the Swifties and it's true, virtually none of what they stated and wrote has ever been refuted by Kerry.

I also agree with The Fop and others above. Obama's associations render him repugnant and radioactive.

Today, a woman caller (Peggy from PA, I think), very intelligently laid out the situation Obama is in to Hannity and asked (I'm paraphrasing for brevity): "How can this man who is friends with domestic terrorists put his hand on the Bible and swear to defend the Constitution and U.S. against all enemies, foreign and domestic?" Sean was totally stumped and speechless. I was applauding in the car, because I've asked myself that many times already.

Does Obama take any of this Constitution and U.S. stuff seriously? Does he know what enemies are? Is he a Marxist plant that half the country is in danger of falling for? Do the Dems not vet anyone anymore? I am simply stunned that this dangerous charlatan has gotten as far as he has. Land of opportunity indeed.

Comment Posted By Peg C. On 25.04.2008 @ 17:24


Rick, thank you for an outstanding review.

Shrinkwrapped says that the appeasing crowd (lefties, cowards, etc.) denies that we are at war with this enemy in order to avoid having to face their own feelings of helplessness, terror and rage at those who attacked us. I know this failure is born of weakness in mind and character. Others of us raised with a sense of right and wrong knew exactly what we were facing that day and have not flinched from the duty and responsibility to fight it or to support the fight.

I was both mesmerized by the movie and in shock during it. At the end, I was uplifted and proud, and I plan to see it again, probably next weekend. It shows me what I know to be true in spite of all the efforts on the part of the MSM, academia and Hollywood to deny it. U-93 is pure.

Comment Posted By Peg C. On 30.04.2006 @ 19:42



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