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There is a central point to the Terri Schiavo situation that has not been articulated well.

In a sentence: "Our government may not be allowed to murder us."

It really is as simple as that.

Yes, the big blogs have been irresponsible, but only to the degree that they have not invested time to think of what is going on before our eyes. They have become what they despise -- unthinking and reflexive. This is not a fault with them as individuals; rather it is a demonstration of the systemic aspect of our entertainment culture.

It is always easier to ridicule – there is little risk in that venture. However, the Terri Schiavo situation is fundamentally different. It demands risk. To address the issue productively, the blogger must risk doing something that they have not done before. They must request action and stake their credibility on the propriety of their cause.

This is life in a microcosm.

Comment Posted By Paul Deignan On 2.03.2005 @ 20:41



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