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When I first heard about this the news guy was saying that one of Obama's aides had tipped off the Feds.

The question is does it count as tipping off someone if they already know?

The other day I asked a co-worker if they were going to see Movie X. They said that they were. So if it comes out 6 weeks from now that they shot 3 people while robbing a liquor store to get the money to go to the movie (it ain't cheap to take a family of 5 out), stole a car, and drove there while drinking, does that make me a liar if I say I didn't know of his plan? I mean, I did know of his plan to go to the movie, I just didn't know about how he was going to get there.

Comment Posted By Pan_theFrog On 12.12.2008 @ 15:48


Have you read Niel Young's posting on this topic?

Comment Posted By Pan_theFrog On 17.11.2008 @ 15:42


After hearing over and over the things that "Bush is going to" do, and now hearing just as stupid things that "Obama is going to" do... Well, I normally file those same people in the place I file "The moon shots was fake" people.

As to stirring up racist... There are a lot of them on both sides. Those who blame it all on someones race, and those who see every thing as a racist remark.

Reminds me of the time my new boss informed me that one of my co-workers said I didn't like that co-worker due to my being homophobic. I laughed, and said "No, I just don't like him. His being gay had nothing to do with it. If he doesn't belive me I can introduce him to a buch of drag queens I used to work with". The guy still works here and still says that I hate gays.

People are going to see what they want to see in a situation. It gives you some insight into how they really view the world.

Comment Posted By Pan_theFrog On 13.11.2008 @ 14:55


"70% of all attacks on Palin were negative"
is kind of like saying that the rookie walked onto the battlefield, and 70% of all shots where directed at her. Maybe it is due to her not knowing how to properly work her way around on a battle field?

I'd love to see Palin spend the next 4 years allowing America to learn more about her. Say an in depth interveiw a month on different topics. Going deeper then sound bites. Explain her platform and dreams for America. Show us just what kind of energy expert she is. What is she learning, what books and papers has she read. If she can't get an interview, then post a 15 minute video on YouTube. Explain her views on evolution, seperation of church and state, same sex marriage, and progressive taxes.

If she does this, and is as good as many think she is, then she should be a shoe in for President in 2012.

Comment Posted By Pan_theFrog On 10.11.2008 @ 16:03

Just a continuation of her SNL apperance?
Or is she really clueless?
Only time will tell us the truth.

Please explain to me why Bill O'Reily dismissed it with suggesting she could be tutored? Is he really the clueless one? Bill, we don't need someone in office that needs 3rd grade level tutoring.

Holy Jesus don't you people EVER get tired of trashing the intelligence of conservatives? You think you would have learned after having gotten toasted by "Stupid Ike" and "Dumb Reagan." You have about as much insight into how intelligent someone is from reading the newspaper or watching TV as a marmoset.

Intelligence has nothing whatsoever to do with a lack of knowledge. Knowledge can be taught and the lack thereof does NOT make someone stupid.

Except people like you stop learning once you figure out that you know it all. Any new facts that might come to your attention are given short shrift because they don't fit into your extraordinarily narrow frame of reference. Hence. your political positions never alter one iota because you fail to take into account changing realities.

And you call Palin stupid?


Comment Posted By Pan_theFrog On 6.11.2008 @ 12:37


2 Gayle Miller:
You have pointed out one of the problems. There is a differnce between conservative government and Christianity.

If you wish to build an entire party platform on your religious belief, please go ahead.

But I seem to remember that America is the land of the free, and that includes freedom of religion, so if some of us don't follow you, just remember that is our choice as Americans.

Comment Posted By Pan_theFrog On 4.11.2008 @ 15:30


mark30339 said (1):
"We’ve mortgaged and plundered this generation’s future, and a victory for the left will signal them to accelerate the plunder."

I think you are missing part of the problem. It is not the left that has caused housing cost to go up, college cost to go up, wages and the job market to shrink. The problem is those who based everything on a company's bottom line.

When a CEO gets a couple of million as a buy out after running a company into the ground, and the best way to make more money is to lay off all the Americans, and hire cheap labor in other countries, when the entire goal of a comapny is to keep the stockprice high rather then making the best product possible, then there seems to be a problem.

Currently GM is talking about stoping R&D on new cars... so that they can have the same models on the showroom next year that they can't sell this year. Wouldn't it make sense to try a couple of real changes like stopping the 4 worst modles they currently have and instead offer us one of the small cars they already make in Europe? Or even get really wild and offer us an all electric car that only has 80 miles of range per charge? You know, something that would really shake things up? No, instead they decide to stand still rather then try and change.

Ford has already said multiple times that American's don't want fuel efficent cars, and point to the lack of them on the market as proof we don't buy them.... Have you heard any problems with people selling the Prius? Or the Smart Car? They sent 20k Smart Cars to the US... and sold out and have a back order on them.

What was McCain's answer to the mortgage issue? Create a big department with lots of government employees to buy and take care of all the bad motgages... and he's the conservative, small government guy? What?

Comment Posted By Pan_theFrog On 3.11.2008 @ 18:58


Some days I can't spell.

Comment Posted By Pan_theFrog On 3.11.2008 @ 12:34

Asbostes used to be used in everything... and now it is not. If someone can make it 'clean' we can go back to using it. Till then why let it kill people?

Same thing with coal.

Comment Posted By Pan_theFrog On 3.11.2008 @ 12:27

So as the cost of coal produced electric goes up, it leads to more demand for usage of solar, wind and water produced electric.

Solar is getting more effective all the time (Can someone please use the desert next to LA for something useful?), same for water & wind (I just read about a system that use slower running water to produce electric. It is the type of system that could be place in 60% of the rivers in the US. For the cost of the Hoover Dam, enough of these could be deployed to produce 4 times as much electric). As these are being developed more and more the price to make them keeps dropping. Remember $800 calculators that you can now buy for $1?

Comment Posted By Pan_theFrog On 3.11.2008 @ 12:20

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