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"But we can and should do it if not “graciously,” then certainly by recognizing that our disagreements should not devolve into the kind of mindless deconstructionism that the left has used against us for the last 8 years."

True that. There seems to be an idea floating around here that the right must either kiss Obama's ass or become the mirror opposite of the unhinged left, and Patterico advances it to a degree. This is a false dichotomy. There's plenty of room between those two poles. rational, reasoned opposition is still

I hope Obama makes me proud. I hope he makes me glad he's in office. And I hoped those things about George Bush in 2000 when I didn't trust him much more than I trust Obama now. Those Obama hopes are awfully thin, and benefit of the doubt is in very short supply as doubt itself is in short supply. I don't expect Obama to become something very different from what his history tells us he is.

Obama won, period. He is the next President and I want nothing more than to like the vast majority of what he does in that office. Country first.

That said, my respect must be earned and prevailing in an election doesn't do it. His performance will earn him my praise or my ire. Given what I know of him, I expect he'll get more of the latter.

I don't think him an especially good man, nor do I think he's Satan. We're finally going to find out just who and what he is, and history will answer that question. What he says matters far less than what he does and being a decent husband/father isn't enough to make a POTUS a "good man".

Nice post, Rick.

Comment Posted By Pablo On 8.11.2008 @ 10:26


This fallacy is why we are losing!

Guess again.

Comment Posted By Pablo On 7.08.2007 @ 12:12

Thank god the thread warriors have found the culprit: a blogger.

The New Republic is not a blog. It's supposed to be a reputable publication. It's been in the news business for 93 years. It is dinosaur media. It should be respectable. When it does things like this, which it has done before, it is not.

Comment Posted By Pablo On 7.08.2007 @ 11:15

Beauchamp is not the story. TNR's abysmal standards in publishing him is the story. And TNR is not the blogosphere.

Focusing on Beauchamp is saucy, but it misses the real real story, which is TNR's malfeasance. Holding their feet to the fire is a public service and the blogosphere is accomplishing that. In short, we fact check your ass.

Comment Posted By Pablo On 7.08.2007 @ 11:11


Notice that these are the same people who will insist that Bush is al-Qaeda's best recruiting tool and that he has made the world a much more dangerous place. And yet, if you think there's a terror threat, you're a bedwetter.

Just Got Back, you can find Johnson's pre-9/11 statement here.

As for your explanation of the explosive potential, google "BLEVE".

Comment Posted By Pablo On 1.07.2007 @ 09:05


"that kind of intel" Urk!

Comment Posted By Pablo On 31.03.2007 @ 18:27

"National Security chief Sandy Berger, at the urging of his staffers John O’Neill and Richard Clarke, presents President Gore with a PDB (Presidential Daily Briefing) warning of imminent plans by bin Laden to attack New York, America’s financial center, with hijacked commercial jets used as flying bombs"

Wow. We would have had that kind of if algore had won? I've got to admit, that would have been pretty cool.

Pretending is a lot more fun than dealing with reality, isn't it?

Comment Posted By Pablo On 31.03.2007 @ 18:24


Remember NoLa during Katrina, and the thousands of deaths, rapes, looting, starvation?

Nah, no agenda at work in the media. None whatsoever. Which is why Reuters' Moira Whittle said there would be no investigation into's Hajj's work. Until the blogs conducted it and found MORE chicanery. And Reuters answered by deleting everything they had.

Are they investigating now? Not that I've heard.

Comment Posted By Pablo On 8.08.2006 @ 13:47


BTW John, the best way to beat this enemy is NOT to become them.

The beat way to beat this enemy is to eliminate them, which admittedly, they'd also like to do to us and to the Israelis. So, beating them to it is crucial.

Comment Posted By Pablo On 2.08.2006 @ 05:29


And really now… two hours to come up with the snappy retail banter?

Tbagg, you've spent your entire life coming up with the source material and you expect people on the internets to give you their undivided attention?

Leftists are funny!

Comment Posted By Pablo On 26.07.2006 @ 06:09

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