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In my experience, the more informed people are, the more likely they are to be conservative. The more they have worked in the private sector, the more conservative they are. The more they have seen the results of socialism, communism or totalitarianism first hand, the more conservative they are.

I wish for no end to the current battle between right and left. We are engaged in an ideological war and only when my opponent "reaches across the aisle" by waving the white flag will I be happy. When he abandons his plans to change my country into something that I will no longer recognize as the land of the free, I will welcome him. I will grant that his brand of patriotism is equivalent to mine when he recognizes that the Founders' Constitution is superior to anything that his judges and ACLU can conceive.

I understand Beinart's thesis, and see merit in some aspects of it. Certainly many progressives are well-intentioned, good-hearted people. I fear, however, that many of them have no knowledge of the dark history of their own political movement - nor do they see the unsavory and anti-capitalist forces in the shadows behind their current crop of politicians. I agree with Marv: most progressives have been swept by emotion into what is at its base a corrupt play to reattain political power.

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What is happening now is simply a necessary phase in the war. America must lose and lose credibility, setting the stage for a return to be followed by another massive attack on our homeland. There was no way that we would learn from a single attack. The Bush Doctrine was a noble but premature attempt to avert the next disaster that we have coming. Americans have no stomach for a fight until we are gazing down at that stomach through a gaping wound in our viscera. Half of America doesn't even know who our enemy is, preferring to blame their own culture for Islamism. When the next attack comes what is now a schism in America may just become internecine battle. The only hope is that the next attack comes when a Democrat is in control—for that is the only way they will support a meaningful response.

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