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"Bruce you are right. She stated that it was impossible to debate with liberals when they would bring out orphans and widows to the political front line. She claimed that any attempt at dialogue would appear cruel. Victims political sides of the tragedy that have been exploited. At least that is how I see it."

A ridiculous assertation. Both sides use people effected by this tragedy to bring a human element to it. Ann herself invoked the name of her friend Olsen. 9/11 was personal. That does not mean we attack the dead and their relatives. I cannot believe anyone would defend her comments. Yet the right is. Paid political consultants are defending what she said. It's nuts.

Comment Posted By PC On 13.06.2006 @ 23:48

Uh huh.

Comment Posted By PC On 13.06.2006 @ 23:41

This is some of what you are going to be facing in November. Allen V may win, but it not going to be a walk in the park... Webb is outstanding.

Comment Posted By PC On 13.06.2006 @ 21:19

As you can see from the posts Rick, Coulter truly is, your base. Go to a liberal blog (Crooks and Lairs, Americablog, Daily KOS) and flog Carlin and they will say, "he is a friggin comedian for christ sake, he does not speak for us." Here, it seems, your fellow repubs are all about slandering widows and orphans. Why am I not surprised? I am not surprised because the party has lost touch. Going to be a long hard road back to the days of Reagan...if you ever get there again.

Comment Posted By PC On 13.06.2006 @ 19:46

Difference- Coulter is a pundint who speaks for the republican base, and has been defended by spokespeople of the Bush administration. Carlin is a comedian, and does not speak for the Democratic party.
What does it say about a party who has a spokesperson who is as off base, mean spirited, and nuts as some far out lefty comedian? Says the party is off base, mean spirited,and nuts!
Enjoy your spokesperson Coulter tonight. I am sure that Matalin, Hannity, etc etc etc will defending her all the way.

Comment Posted By PC On 13.06.2006 @ 15:38


Rove helped out plame. President stated publically, he wanted to know, those involved would be held accountable. Not charged... whatever. Incompetence, no accountability. Same old song and dance. You all can flog this straw man all night long. Does not change the fact, this Administration outed an agent. Congratualtions on your big "win".

Comment Posted By PC On 14.06.2006 @ 11:23


and no, Democracy is not weak. We are strong, and just. No one can stop us if we hold to our principles and sacrifice when called upon. Today, we fight a regional war with too few troops and no sacrifice on the home front beyond some sound bites and yellow magnets on cars. Pure selfishness.
Rick- make no mistake about it. The people that are critical of this post, could care less if those being detained are guilty or innocent. They could care less about our national beliefs and values. They are looking for the boogyman, any scapegoat will do. Even you.

Comment Posted By PC On 12.06.2006 @ 10:38

We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal.....

The Declaration of indipendence, the United States Constitution and all that we stand for, we either live it, protect it, or drown in a sea of self denial, spin, and chaos.

Comment Posted By PC On 12.06.2006 @ 10:30

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