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"A timetable is a victory." There is no difference between Republicans and Democrats on Iraq right now. Just rhetoric,spin, and politics... and a ton of money spent.

Comment Posted By pc On 24.06.2006 @ 19:32

Lol. Laughable. In other words... our timetable can beat up your timetable. Both sides have the same position on this war.

We are establishing a timetable for withdrawl (Victory).. yeah... that is right, we declared it and are leaving now.


Comment Posted By pc On 24.06.2006 @ 19:17


Barge...under your premise, anytime the federal gov claims a national security issue, it trumps the bill of rights. I find that, a rather odd position for a "conservative".

Comment Posted By pc On 26.06.2006 @ 16:38

The times is not under a legal obligation to safeguard classified material. The person that leaked it, is. Also, the elected officials that are confirming this story by going on national TV and advocating for the prosecution of the Times, are. None of these people should be confirming or denying any of this information. They obviously do not understand much. There is a lot spin, half spin, truth,and outright lies that gets printed daily in the NYT and every other major newspaper in the country. Why are our elected officials confirming this story? For every news story a paper or TV news gets right, there are ten times they only get it half right or completely wrong. Elected officials need to start shutting their mouths and addressing any Constitutional concerns over current programs in closed session. This is not about the press, or the the NYT. This is about people who leak, and other who confirm it. Stop blaming the media.

Comment Posted By pc On 25.06.2006 @ 21:00


What do you need a massive Army right now for??
Nationbuilding. You cannot do it, without securing the infrastructure first. You cannot do it, without enough men to police the area, set security, provide for a reaction force and humanitarian, infrastructure assistance.
Great, we can destroy anything we want given our technological advantage...BUT OUR MISSION IN IRAQ AND AFG IS NOT TO DESTOROY THINGS, IT IS TO BUILD THEM. If our mission was simply to destroy the place, we would not have men manning checkpoints and walking around in the streets getting shot at. Only boots on the ground, will win this thing. It is why we are attmpting to get the Iraqis trained up to do it... but we cannot stop the sectarian violence and insurgency when we are not there. We cannot control the situation, when we are not there. We cannot be there, without a large enough force on the groung. It is that simple.
You stated that the Dems political future rests on us losing.. that is not a position, that is rhetoric and politics .... the parties have the same position on this war.

Comment Posted By PC On 21.06.2006 @ 05:34

Neither side is willing to build the massive army we need right now, either.

Comment Posted By PC On 20.06.2006 @ 21:31

Crosspatch- Dude, the Republicans want at of this thing as badly as the Democrats do. I will say this one more time, there is no difference on the position of the two parties on this war. They both want out, and neither side has a plan to get us out.

Comment Posted By PC On 20.06.2006 @ 21:30

There is no difference between the Democrats and Republicans position on this war, only rhetoric.

Comment Posted By PC On 20.06.2006 @ 17:56


You do not like old soldiers? Why not? Murtha has the same plan the Republicans have. You just cannot admit it.
You prefer guys with like five deferments...I forgot.

Comment Posted By PC On 19.06.2006 @ 22:31


Sorry to bore you with reality. All the straw men the Republicans are propping up to make arguments that label over half the nation as traitors are bogus. I will stop posting here if reality bothers you. None of the people you are attempting to label as traitors would have a large voice, or even be expressing such dissention, if this administration had done a good job politically and militarily executing our mission in the middle east. That is, the reality. The Repubs have created a FUBAR situation, and do not have any answers, all you have left is attacks, and attack dogs. It is pitifull, it truly is.
One last time before you ban me. This war will be won when we raise an army large enough to win it. All the rest is just gibberish. You obviously have no desire to talk about a strategy for winning.
Adios and god speed.

Comment Posted By PC On 17.06.2006 @ 10:53

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