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Looking you have touched on something on KOS that I think has been overlooked by media and bloggers:

When out of power you can: A. Attempt to regain power, B. Sustain yourself, C. Ride the gravy train.

Because the left decided they could do without working class religious people they slowly drifted until they lost power. At first the loss of 94 wasn't percieved as a shift so plan A was followed. Since then the party line seems to be that any opposition to gay marriage and aborton make you a bigot. (Apparently the US was nearly totally populated with such bigots before the 90's and 70's.)Plan A is not longer feasible for any but Sen Clinton who is the only one over there who seem to have a clue.

Right now the smart move is B. Gov. Dean is following this plan by rallying the troops and raising money. He is good at rallying the true believers and motavating them, the only problem is they are a minotiry of voters. Dean and his ilk can't build a majority, but they can keep the troops fighting hoping for a mistake by republicans. (thus the Gannon/Gukart and Wilson duds.) This will only work if 1) you avoid mistakes (Air America Scandal, Durbin etc) and 2) The troops don't exaust themselves like Lee's Army at Petersburg.

Finally we get to plan C, the gravy train, this is where KOS, Oliver and a fair amount of the Demorcratic Party is now. These people are raising money like television evangelists and act like them. Their followers have an almost religious belief that if only a FEW more dollars can be rasied the Evil BUSH-HITLER can be defeated. They make their living (or retain their seats) on this so even if they don't believe it themselves it is necessary for Bush to be Hitler and the republicans Nazis. This is why men like Durbin and the Jr Senator (oops senior) from NY are leading on Roberts and why no more that 12 demorcratic votes will go Judge Roberts way. If they stray from the farm the feed stops and right now the majority of the money comes from the Bush=Hitler crowd. If they fail to fight then the monies will go to those who will and the Washington Gravy train ends.

Position C is where the action is. Many people will make a living (or a fortune)selling snake oil to remain a senator (Durbin), to remain stylish (Huff & Puff) or to make their boodle while they can (KOS & Oliver). They will become a cult of belief where the followers wait for deliverence from the Bush-Hitler and the leaders like KOS will laugh to the bank.

Comment Posted By P. Ingemi On 6.08.2005 @ 09:04



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