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"If this were an ideal campaign, Obama’s opponents would criticize him on the basis of his public service record (his votes and legislation)"

We have been. You haven't been paying attention. Obama's early political career showed no legislation passed or even submitted until the Democrats took control of the legislature. Then there were a flurry of bills submitted by him. What isn't common knowledge is that these were all OLD bills, drafted and submitted by other Democrats during the "wilderness years", but that the new Democrat state senate leader had submitted in Obama's name. There are a number of Democrat state senators who still grumble about this.

Obama is a manufactured messiah. He's been carefully nurtured in a (political) hot house and groomed for his role as Great White Hope. The reason he sprang out of nowhere to the Senate and now the race for the Presidency is that he is a nothing, merely an empty suit mouthing the speeches running across the teleprompter and written by his handlers. He makes the Manchurian Candidate look like a self-made man. And that's why he's doing so poorly in the debates: Can't think on his feet to save his soul.

Comment Posted By Orion On 20.04.2008 @ 20:12


My suspicion is that Priest got the story wrong, she blew it out of proportion, and there really were no "secret CIA prisons" but instead an informal network where al Qaeda terrorists were "remanded" to the CIA for interrogation by the host countries. They question someone who was identified to them as al Qaeda, if they feel the story checks out they send him on to Guantanamo where they have extensive resources for completing the interrogation.

Remember a month ago when the US announced an "air assault" campaign against insurgent strongholds North of Baghdad? The Lame Stream Media interpreted this as bombing strikes and went into hysterical tirades against the US, claiming this meant the US had lost the war in Iraq because they were reduced to "carpet bombing" neighborhoods. Well, "air assault" actually meant, "flying troops by helicopter to hot zones" and there were very few, if any air strikes called agianst insurgent positions.

In the same sense Priest interpreted CIA interrogation programs as "secret CIA prisons" instead of what these really were.

Comment Posted By Orion On 27.04.2006 @ 18:32



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