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I really am at a loss about what to do. Staying home on election day goes against everything I believe about Republicans and democracy. But I am coming around to the belief that if not voting is the only way to change the leadership dynamic of the Republican party so that honorable conservatives rise to positions of prominence, then so be it.
By: Rick Moran at 6:20 am

As much as I despise our current crop of so called Republican leadership(spineless self serving asses that they are) we are talking about a midterm election where turn out is everything and if you think the Congress and Senate are bad now imagine a DEM majority in charge, so I have to disagree. I for one am writing,calling and emailing my Congresscritter and senator on an almost daily basis letting them know I will be supporting any Republican challenger to them in the primaries. I will vote for the Republican in the general election whether it is the encumbent or not because a win by the DEMS would be far far worse than what we have now.

Comment Posted By Oldcrow On 16.04.2006 @ 00:41


What do you think the chances are that the correction will go in the same place?
By: Rick Moran at 7:07 pm

Don't hold your breath unless you dial 911 first. Whats up with Jason Leopold? If that is him there is a definite issue with his mental health and makes me doubt the story even more. After the threads have started unraveling I can say with almost 100% certainty that the story is bilge water. When even the prosecutor can't get his $HIT together then the whole thing becomes very suspect.

Comment Posted By Oldcrow On 11.04.2006 @ 19:41


AH Yes, sweet sweet racism the default fallback of the LIB left when they run out of empty rhetoric. LaShawn Barber advocates personnel responsibility and individual empowerment the same with Michele and they equate border security policy advocacy with racism even though the so called Hispanic races are of European origin as much as Italian Americans or any other American ethnic group. Forget the fact that the LIB left is anti-Semitic to its core and the Democratic party was responsible for holding back the civil rights movement in this country for decades and the internment of the Japanese was done under a Democrat administration and Congress and it had nothing to do with race but with security during wartime was it wrong? I am still on the fence about that and they want to talk discrimination? I am third generation Italian and I can tell you all about bigotry when my ancestors came here from the old country the point is when you are intellectually dishonest and hypocritical and have no facts to back up your assertions except "FEELINGS" well then you just call your opponents racists this is the LIB way they are fools and will keep losing elections.

Comment Posted By Oldcrow On 8.04.2006 @ 20:21


Well the train of hysteria has certainly parked itself in your mind I see. WTF how does a terrorist organization like Hamas even get compared to the U.A.E.? Now you have lost your mind and I am beginning to think (I did not believe it before but you are showing me maybe I am wrong)that you truly believe all Arabs are terrorists and maybe there is something to you maybe being a little bigoted but that is ok you are in good company or would that be bad? You have gone over the line with this. So far I have not seen one single rational argument against the port deal from you or anyone else. Sorry to say I will no longer be visiting your blog shame to I really enjoyed it. See ya later.

Comment Posted By Oldcrow On 25.02.2006 @ 03:19


The Bush administration knew about levee toppings. I might sound silly but is there a difference between levee topping and a levee breech?
Lisa Said:
1:28 am

Yes there is a big difference. A levee topping is just water flowing over the top of the INTACT levee, a breech means the levee is damaged and has a hole in it, with topping the water will stop flowing and you get a lot less water if it is breeched there is nothing holding the water back and you get massive flooding. As I recall from watching the news when this was happening they reported the Army Corps of Engineers were reporting the levee was just being topped.

Comment Posted By Oldcrow On 11.02.2006 @ 03:13


I respectfully disagree. The west and specifically Christians have been targeted by muslim fundamentalists for almost fifty years now, they have killed thousands if not millions and not one peep of outrage from any moderate muslims or Imams why is that? The muslim faith is the faith of a conqueror and if you read the Koran you will realize they will not and cannot allow any other culture or religion to coexist with them unless it is enslaved by them. This is a fundamental problem with our culture, government and people they do not understand the threat posed by not just fundamentalist islam but islam in general. It is beyond me why we have not come to understand this. Why do we not treat islam just like we did Nazism and Communism? We eradicated them and ostracized them and we should be doing the same to islam. We better wake up or we will all be paying Jizaya to our muslim masters it has already started in the Gaza strip in Bethlahem. The western world better start learning what islam is all about and understand that in the modern world where technology allows the killing of millions with one device we cannot afford nor allow a religion or idealogy like islam to exist and yes I know all the people who say but Christianity was just as bad look at the crusades or the inquasitions, this is true however, Christianity went through the reformation and became more tolarant, islam is not capable of doing the same thing read the paragraph after this to see why. I am sorry Rick but you are tragically wrong but that is ok most everyone is on this issue becuase as civilized people we just cannot accept what needs to be done to solve the problem. I am sure this will get me tagged as an Islamophobe well so be it, I am sure in todays PC world if I were saying the same thing about Nazism I would be tagged with the same lable and Islam and Nazism are the same only differance is Islam is a religion and Nazism is an ideology.

Hugh Hewitt interviewed Father Joseph Fessio, Provosty of Ave Maria University in Naples, Florida about a meeting between the Pope and a muslim scholar you can read the whole thing HERE it was not good read on:

HH: And so, is it fair to describe him(the Pope) as a pessimist about the prospect of modernity truly engaging Islam in the way modernity has engaged Christianity?

JF: Well, the other way around.

HH: Yes. I meant that.

JF: Yeah, that Christianity can engage modernity just like it did...the Jews did Egypt, or Christians did to Greece, because we can take what's good there, and we can elevate it through the revelation of Christ in the Bible. But Islam is stuck. It's stuck with a text that cannot be adapted, or even be interpreted properly.

HH: And so the Pope is a pessimist about that changing, because it would require a radical reinterpretation of what the Koran is?

JF: Yeah, which is it's impossible, because it's against the very nature of the Koran, as it's understood by Muslims.

HH: And so, even the dialectic that was the Reformation is not possible within Islam?

JF: No. And then a second thing which he did not say, but which I would have said, I might have said at the time, is that...and this is from a Catholic point of view, there's no one to interpret the Koran officially. the Catholic Church has an official interpretor, which is the Holy Father with the bishops.

HH: Right. Well, let me ask you then. If, in fact, that reformation within Islam is not possible in the eyes of the Pope, and the demographics do not change, as they are unlikely to change in Europe, the last time Christendom went under the waves, so to speak, in Europe, there were the monasteries, beseiged as they were by the barbarians, sacked as they were by the Vikings, they endured.

JF: Yeah.

HH: That doesn't happen in modernity, because of the technology of oppression. And you've just noted the reluctance of Islam to accept religious pluralism, or to embrace it and celebrate it.

You can also read a really good article at American thinker by James Arlandson HERE or you can type his name in the archive search and read all his articles.

Comment Posted By Oldcrow On 5.02.2006 @ 23:00


Fred Fry had the best Kerry zinger I have ever seen “To bad for Kerry that the majority of those wishing for him to run, are those who plan to vote against him.” Yep.

L M A O! That is great.

Comment Posted By Oldcrow On 1.02.2006 @ 23:19


The average man in the street mattered then as he does now because the average man in the street voted then, as he does now, for those who formulate national security policy.

What are you stupid or something? Since when did the man on the street in the USSR get a vote? You may think it is a political issue put then you are wrong it is a survival issue idiot. You really do believe AQ and islamic fundimentalism is not a threat. Well thanks for playing further posts from you can be ignored since you are obviously insane certifiably so. BEGONE NUTJOB TROLL!!!

Comment Posted By Oldcrow On 28.01.2006 @ 23:45

Really the USSR was as fanatical as AQ? I guess that is why we had all out nuclear war. I must have slept through it right? Your argument is why the left is not considered serious about national security the proof is in your and your leaders words, you accuse the Republicans of using the war on terror as a political ploy yet your side is the one doing it over and over again. You can bury your head in the sand or keep it firmly shoved up your butt all you want, the adults in the world will go on seeing the threat from islamic fundamentalists as the greatest threat we have ever faced and deal with it accordingly. Do you seriously think AQ or the their affiliates will not use WMD if they get their hands on them?

Comment Posted By Oldcrow On 28.01.2006 @ 19:17

The problem I have with the Professor's column and some of the comments here are twofold.

1. Bush did not react to 9/11 alone, he and his advisors saw 9/11 as an attack in a far larger conflict that had been going on for more than a decade and had been ignored or downplayed by previous administrations.

2. The statement that the threat is not on par with say WWII or the cold war is false and dangerous. In today’s world thanks to technology(genetic engineering and physics) and transportation it is far easier for a small group of well financed and educated nutjob terrorists to cause casualties on a massive scale. That combined with state sponsorship(Iran) and I believe the threat and potential for destruction is far greater than we ever have faced in any conflict before. Think about it for a minute, during WWII we could count on INTEL because the massive movement of large armies was easy to track, in the cold war we had the same thing. The focus of our INTEL in WWII was not how to find the enemy but how get enough ordinance on them to destroy the threat, now the focus is how do you find the small 20 person cell carrying biological or nuclear agents? This is far harder to do and 9/11 showed just how easy it is for terrorists to strike us with very little or no warning using minimal resources remember 9/11 cost AQ 19 men and a couple thousand dollars. You can not look at the GWOT in the context of any previous conflict it a wholly new type of conflict and is far harder to fight and far more dangerous.

Comment Posted By Oldcrow On 28.01.2006 @ 18:12

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