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It is easy to point out errors in military operations with the advantage of 20/20 hindsight. There were missed airdrops, tanks did founder in the rough water, and the air support was less than perfect. However, the invasion was an overwhelming success. The deception plan built around Patton's phantom army held the German reserves in place long enough to establish a foothold. The airborne troops were able to take their objectives inspite of the missed drops. And the allied soldiers demonstrated courage, initiative, and leadership by accomplishing the mission in spite of the hardships.

Military operations never go exactly according to "the plan." There are always unexpected events, equipment failures or any number of things to disrupt the plan. Finally, most people forget that the enemy gets a vote on the outcome. You wargame against the enemy's most likely and most dangerous course of action but sometimes he picks course of action 3.

In this case, the allied forces were up against two experienced German commanders who had time to prepare a interlocking defense with extensive obstacles, interlocking direct fire, and registered indirect fire targets. When you look at the defensive preparations the success of the operation is even more impressive!

My question, can we find enough Brits, Canadians, and Americans in our self indulgent societies to repeat this endeavor if a similar requirement arises? Do we have enough citizens left who believe there is something more important than their own self interest?

FYI - 23 years of active and reserve service.

Comment Posted By OldSoldier On 7.06.2006 @ 14:13



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