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Now that tom's spent, Moran's article looks rather misdirected.
Clearly tom, if taught by the best education system in the world, would deny evolution, as would "Michael" in comment 4. Clearly tom has vast, easily available creationist resources (misdirections, lies, half-truths) to draw from.
Certainly, if US students were asked of atoms exist and atomic theory was correct, they'd ovewhelmingly agree, despite the mediocrity of science education for large percentages of them, and even though they understood little of it.
This is partly an education problem, but mostly the poor evolution education is due to its a being a cultural/religious/political problem.
Moran's claim that "poverty and rotten schools have more to do with attitudes toward evolution than “Republican elites” or even God" is not accurate, albeit the "Republican" is an artifact of 23% of the pop who are xian right and happen to vote Republican.

Comment Posted By OccamsAftershave On 19.08.2006 @ 23:18

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