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HeatherRadish Said:
1:35 pm

a political rally where people are being encouraged to scream “TERRORIST” and “TRAITOR” and “KILL HIM!”

The only place this happens is in the fevered imaginations of moonbats. The people who told you this happened lied to you. Ask yourself why they did that, and why YOU are so eager to let them use you like a tissue.


Uh, no. It happened. Check out the many videos of it available.

Answer the question, idiot. No one is denying one lone guy shouted "kill him" at a rally. It was YOU who said that he was "encouraged" to do it. The fact that you chose to raise an entirely different issue - a fact no one denies or has tried to deny - means that you have no answer for your ignorant postulation that the person who screamed "Kill Him" was "encouraged" to do so.

We're waiting.


Comment Posted By Obama08. Get used to it. On 12.10.2008 @ 13:36

Bee Said:
1:06 pm

Let’s be honest here and lay the blame where it rightly belongs, it’s not John McCain’s fault, it’s Sarah Palin’s fault. She is obviously out of her league and does not add anything positive to the office of potential VP on the GOP ticket. Her shameful attack politics are not wanted and not welcome at any rally as far as I am concerned. I just wish he had not chosen her. She brings down the ticket and reduces the Republican Party to the sum total of these Far Right loons who have somehow decided over the last 8 years that they are our base or deserve to be. You can clearly hear the loon background yelling on the tapes while she is at the podium and she didn’t skip a beat, she said nothing to stop it.

I’ll go with Brooks, that lady is just a cancer John McCain does not need, the GOP doesn’t need any part of it.

Bee gets it.

As the Right increasingly (a) demands to hear more about Bill Ayers and Obama The Communist/Muslim Terrorist and (b) proclaims Sarah Palin to be the darling of the Regular American and the new right-wing superstar — claims that are converging in the traveling lynch mob tour known as the “McCain/Palin campaign” — two new polls, one from Newsweek and one from Fox (.pdf), conclusively demonstrate how out-of-touch and fringe the Right has become. Both polls show that as the Right reveals its true Ayers-driven face to the nation, (a) Obama’s popularity holds steady while McCain and Palin’s plummets, and (b) Sarah Palin is a massive liability for the McCain campaign.

The Newsweek poll shows Obama/Biden with a lead of 11 points (up from 4 points a month ago) and Fox shows Obama/Biden with a 7-point lead (they had McCain winning by 3 a month ago), but in terms of seeing what the right-wing movement in this country has become, how fringe and disconnected from reality they are, the more revealing facts are buried inside the poll numbers. [...]

Even worse (for the Right), Obama the Terrorist now has the highest favorability rating of any of the four candidates (60%), while Palin the New Reagan Superstar has the lowest (47%). And even Biden’s favorability rating (57%) is higher than McCain’s (53). More revealingly, Palin has the highest unfavorability rating (42%), followed by McCain (40%), Obama (34%) and Biden (29%) (Fox 13-16).

And in the last month — as the McCain/Palin campaign began spewing their bile — Obama’s favorability rating has increased (57% to 60%) while his unfavorability rating has declined (36% to 34%). By contrast, McCain’s favorability/unfavorability ratings have plummeted during this same time (60/33 to 53/40), as has Palin’s (54/27 to 47/42). Standing next to Sarah Palin in that debate has turned Joe Biden — Joe Biden — into a wildly popular politician in America, with a 57/29 favorability rating.

In sum, the more Americans see of and hear from Sarah Palin and are exposed to her filthy smear politics, the worse she looks to them. And the more the McCain/Palin campaign attacks Obama with ugly, despicable smears, the worse McCain/Palin look, while Obama’s popularity with Americans continues to solidify and even gradually increase (Americans believe Obama is “trustworthy” by an overwhelming margin of 60-32%) (Fox 36).

Comment Posted By Obama08. Get used to it. On 12.10.2008 @ 13:35

Great moral equivalence there. You do know that someone getting booed at a sporting event, especially one where everyone is regularly booed, is different from a political rally where people are being encouraged to scream "TERRORIST" and "TRAITOR" and "KILL HIM!" about the rival candidate for the Presidency, don't you?

If you don't see the difference, you are either a lying hypocrite or stupid. Possibly both.

Who's stupid? I'm not the one making the most outrageous smear by saying that people "are encouraged" to scream "Kill him" at these events. Where's your evidence for that? Who is "encouraging" the crowd to do this?

No one, asshole. Either you're too stupid to know that or you are deliberately lying. Which is it?


Comment Posted By Obama08. Get used to it. On 12.10.2008 @ 11:09



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