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Of course it couldn't be that Iran has found Chiracs weak spot--his wallet. Saddam did a good job in this area. The old follow the money phrase fits just fine when it comes to Chirac and the French.

Comment Posted By OLDPUPPYMAX On 19.09.2006 @ 21:39


Your analysis of Cole is right on the money. But please don't make the too-common mistake of stating that terrorists have "hijacked" Islam. On the contrary, they are far more closely following the commands of Mohammed than any so called moderate Muslim. Conquer all nations, impose Islam and kill all who get in the way. That is the word of Allah in the Quran. Terrorists are not hijackers. They are dutiful followers of the disease of Islam.

Comment Posted By OLDPUPPYMAX On 19.09.2006 @ 21:47


Publish all of the pictures and welcome analysis?? My guess is Reuters is more interested in burial than analysis when it comes to any pictures which may have been doctored. But more dangerous and more reprehensible are the staged photo opps, like the Qana show. Not necessary to Photoshop any of these pics, but how many were from previous events? How many bodies were literally refrigerator-trucked in by green-helmet, just to make certain the heart rending woman/child death ratio would be adequately over-represented. In other words, I'd be more interested in discovering the number of truly despicable, willing accomplices Hizballah has in its media circle.

Comment Posted By OLDPUPPYMAX On 7.08.2006 @ 15:04


Israel must reclaim Gaza. In foolishly giving it away, they presented their enemies with a buffer to run arms into Lebanon and shorten the distance for rocket attack. The price of appeasement.

Comment Posted By OLDPUPPYMAX On 16.07.2006 @ 20:25


Kristol is right when he portrays this as a war pitting Islamists against the West. And just like the war in Iraq, it must be won. Engaging with Israel at this point would, however, be a mistake. The Israelis are big boys, quite capable of taking care of themselves, quite capable of making sound military and political decisions. Why risk alienating muslim allies in Iraq simply to provide superfluous assistance? Nor have I heard Israel ask the US to intercede. On the contrary, they would undoubtedly prefer that we keep our missiles and our inevitable requests for "calm" to ourselves. Our most useful role will be that of cheerleader and defender of what will sooner rather than later be and embattled nation facing recriminations from most of the countries of the world. As bodies of innocent civilian human shields continue to pile up around Hizbollahs heroes, demands for an Israeli cease fire will come from all sides. And as facts won't matter, we will have to stand for Israels right to self-defense. Irans super-dangerous mullocracy will have to be dealt with--that is destroyed or overthrown--soon, but lets keep that part of our powder dry for the time being.

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I don't believe House republicans will be "taken" by Senate RINOS. The anti-amnesty sentiment of constituents is far too volatile. Getting rolled before this election could easily cost reps their job and well they know it. And the all-for-one argument has been overdone by the Bush White House. Especially given the way it threw Tom Delay under the MSM created bus. House republicans will stand pat on the secure the borders first pledge. Failing to do so is far too tenuous a proposition.

Comment Posted By OLDPUPPYMAX On 28.06.2006 @ 19:43


When all is said and done, any question of amnesty will be entirely up to the Iraqi powers that be. And as a large, perpetual US presence will undoubtedly not be acceptable, Maliki et al will have to be in position to impose rather negotiate a settlement with remnants of the sunni terror group.

Comment Posted By OLDPUPPYMAX On 15.06.2006 @ 12:04



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