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The reason we don't buy the garbage of MGW is that not one of you that swallows the garbage can tell us what the perfect temperature is, and explain the previous "climate change" events. The Climate has always changed. Who is to declare it has to be warmer or cooler.

I swear this blog grows ever more unbelievable. It used to be good.

To use such things as litmus is as stupid as if I were to decide that someone couldn't hold office because they were baptist etc.

Of course then, I am a Mormon.... the world thinks we shouldn't be anywhere thinking anything about anything.

What part of this didn't you get, nitwit?

"The evidence for Climate Change is hardly in dispute due simply to the fact that the earth’s climate is always changing. The question is how much humans have had to do with any change in climate and whether cutting emissions will do any good."

And if someone is dumb enough to believe in creationism, they have no business within 500 miles of the oval office.


Comment Posted By Noelie On 26.12.2008 @ 17:28


I have come and read what you have to say often.

You are an interesting person but sometimes I just really don't get you. So let's just take some of the examples of speech, freedom of speech, what is hate speech and facing the consequences of enjoying freedom of speech.

Don Imus used his freedom of speech, and ended up losing his job. What that is, is a consequence of using your freedom in such a way that others react. I watched the debacle unfold, but Don was allowed to say what he thought, and then in the free market.. he lost his dice roll. He ended up facing the consequence of using it poorly.

Other reacted. Their freedom should NEVER be abridged by you, or your brother or any other person. If you open your mouth, expect others to react and they HAVE THAT RIGHT TOO.

And I really want this immaturity of "Hate Speech" to go into a toilet where it belongs. It is truly only one more variation of stopping a grand freedom. And you, because you don't get it, and hide behind the continual whine of "hate speech" are helping

Freedom of Speech is a wonderful thing. But it can be hard, and ugly and mean. If you are afraid of the consequences of using your freedom of Speech in America, whining about when others now use their freedom to react, you don't belong here. Europe might be more your speed. They are closer to that road of telling others what to think.

I don't want some committee deciding later what is hate speech and what is not. Those same committee's end up being the ones telling me what to think.

It works like this Someone.. say Ann, whom you excoriate earlier for so-called hate speech, says something you don't like. You did JUST WHAT YOU HYPOCRITICALLY did and call for others to ignore, not invite her to conservative events to teach her a lesson on how to use her freedom of speech better.

I didn't agree with your over reaction to Ann that still is laughing all the way to the bank, but at that point I agreed with YOUR freedom of speech to do such a thing. You whined and moaned for the woman to be taken down.

A thing you now deride because it cuts too close to home. And you hide behind the "hate speech" whine. Who decides that. I have listened to you, Listened to Ann, and In my opinion, while she likes to be a shocker, and she would be well served to sometimes THINK before she talks, IMHO, there wasn't hate speech in her Edwards comment. My opinion or yours. Who should hate speech decisions rest on? I hate to explain it to you, but you don't have a right not to be offended, be shocked or have your feelings hurts. You do have the right to grow up and deal with it.

Now turn to your brother's post. I could say I found that a disgusting example of hate speech and ugliness that the so called rich whites have to face daily, by haters like your brother. If that is my opinion and IF I find it hate speech , who is to stop me? YOU?

Another case in point: for years the liberals have whined about Michelle Malkin and hate speech. I have read her books, I have read her blog, and in all that time I have seen strong opinions and ability to think, even when I don't agree, but nothing that they whine about. What does it mean? That is all in the realm of ideas. But there the Koskids and others whine and moan about her "hate speech." Who decides that? Should Michelle go now because in someone's opinion it is "hate speech"?

If you can't fight "hate speech" with intelligence and reason, and if You can't see that it really is only the same right to open your mouth and potentially have others disagree with you to the point that you lose your job, then I don't think you really get being on the right side of things as you claim. And you really don't have a clue what Freedom of Speech is all about. But then so few in America seem to get it.

So... is that clear enough now for YOU to get it? Because the other poster was right, whether you face it or not. You are acting with supreme and ugly hypocrisy. But then that is your right.

Comment Posted By Noelie On 14.04.2007 @ 13:27


Perhaps the other thing that some miss is that the "reality" of what is happening in Iraq would be different were it not for only one side being shown and the hammering of the false stories.

Perhaps "truth" is a far more complex thing than those on the left believe. Every day the same violence in Iraq happens in New York, Los Angeles, but in sheer ignorance those commentors turn away.

Perhaps if unremitting negativity with NO real support of the republican admnistration or the military were alleviated by something that were not so one sided right from the beginning we would have a different result now.

The real fact is that everyone continues to dance around the subject that such one sided reporting has given comfort and aid to those that hate this country. THAT is a truth that the left side of the aisle will not admit in their need to slime their own country through another "Vietnam". Fact is you all were NOT right then to do what you did and you are not right now.

Comment Posted By Noelie On 7.01.2007 @ 12:08


I am a very strong smoker who gets tired of smokers assuming that I want to smoke second-hand. That being said, in your homes, your cars, area's like that you should be able to do as you desire. If I come to those I understand fully it is your space and you should be able to do as you wish even in my presence.

Even when it irritates me in open space parks, I can see it there, because except for those few that just can't help but want to walk and blow their smoke near others, it at least gives me a way to try and avoid you, particularily if you are very careful to make sure to leave no mess behind ( you all have to admit that it looks awful to see stubs on the ground and not in the garbage, but then we should all be picking up our own junk!)

This is definately a crazy move. But then California is noted for many of those kind of stupid things.

Comment Posted By Noelie On 19.11.2006 @ 18:57


[quote]The number of republican talking points on this page is astounding. It is as if very few can think for themselves. Why is that?

Funny..that was exactly what I was thinking about the driveling snivelling democrats on this know. the party of Bill Clinton and his rather numerous sexual escapades that included INTERNS, or unwilling partners. How about that Swim the river Ted Kennedy?

Plese.. party of cut and run members and that IS all you have (not one of you can name any clear answers from your famously silent party on what your strategy is and the HINT is.. THERE ISN'T one!)

You ignored the point of the original post. You have nothing better to do than find "hyposcrisy" because some of us don't see your good time gang as the way to do anything

once you boot out pelosi for her misuse of funds, make sure your air america faces charges of their stealing from boys and girls, boot out both Clinton, Kennedy and your other immoral group, you have no leg to stand on.

You wonder about hypocrisy, yet all you do is divide. You don't help. You don't reach out. You post doctor pictures of Conservative pundits and bash your little strawman as real


Comment Posted By Noelie On 30.09.2006 @ 16:58


One thing that this whole discussion point keeps missing is that we are NOT a democracy. Democracies are frightening things that eventually lead to such sweetness as Hitler, Stalin and the liberal hero over there in Cuba, and one party and one way of thinking (liberal) being the only thing that makes any headway. (check Canadian politics for proof of that where the truly smart are terrorized yearly by the bad political thinking of Quebec and Ontario)

We are a democratic repubblic (which is why you can whine and moan and cry about "popular vote" until those cows come home and I just won't feel sorry for you.. especially when your guy was attempting to be the REAL thief in a democratic republic a few years ago) and as such densely populated areas have not been allowed a reign of terror over the hard working rural dwellers that feed them. That is the genius of the EC. Until you have something better that assures that rich, bloated urbanites can't do that, I vote for keeping it.

Comment Posted By Noelie On 29.08.2006 @ 12:59


So let me get it stragiht Tano, you honestly think the MSM tell the truth??

And people have said I am naive.

Comment Posted By Noelie On 23.04.2006 @ 11:21



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