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Oh, I didn't realize you lacked a sense of humor. I guess I don't click over here and read you often enough.

Comment Posted By Nik Mendota On 18.09.2009 @ 19:53


If Crowley had not arrested Gates, none of the FACTS of this case would have come out. Instead, as in so many other cases in which those in protected "victim" groups scream "racism", the press would be ranting about how "racist" the police are and Obama would have cause to give yet another sanctimonious speech about what a "racist" country America is.

The BEST thing about this whole episode is that there's pushback against the screams of racism that have cost others their jobs and reputations.

Because Crowley is the CPD expert on racial profiling, he KNEW that HE was being profiled by the arrogant Harvard professor. He did what he had to do to force the story so much into the public that the FACTS had to be investigated/revealed. He also had the good sense to turn on his microphone/recorder so the FACTS might be supported with evidence. I fervently hope those tapes are released.

I write this as a woman of color who knows Gates and has experienced personally what an arrogant, condescending ass he is. It's clear to me that this case is all about CLASS, not race. The haughty, prof spits on the working class (presumed-by the prof-to be uneducated) cop.

Comment Posted By Nik Mendota On 26.07.2009 @ 06:30

Moderates? Who Needs 'em

Alas the tipping point has been reached. Too many people in this country-especially young people-believe that the government exists to take care of take care of them. I'm one of only a very few of my peers who does NOT believe this. And these people I'm talking about are well-educated, gainfully employed (for the most part, though many are grad students), yet they are convinced that their government MUST provide for ALL the needs of the American people.

So I don't see how a party that stands for smaller government/fiscal responsibility has a chance of getting back into power.

Comment Posted By Nik Mendota On 29.04.2009 @ 18:47


The issue now is that LGF is BORING, what with all its ranting against CJ's enemies and railing against "creationists". I used to check out the site on a pretty regular basis but don't go there anymore.

I used to think Pam Geller was a bit of an hysteric but with what's happened in the past 100 days or so, I now consider her a good source of information.

Comment Posted By Nik Mendota On 25.04.2009 @ 18:38


I don't consider myself a far right wingnut and I'm neither ignorant nor isolated. On the contrary, I'm an Ivy educated woman of color living in NYC, social liberal/fiscal conservative and I LOVE Glenn Beck. He makes more sense--and shares that good sense articulately and with humor--than most other people I read/watch/listen to.

It seems like a lot of conservatives/Republicans (including you, perhaps, Rick) are spooked and scared about being a permanent political minority, trying to be extra careful not to blurt out truths, in fear that revealing them--and the anger they engender--will "offend" people and cause them to lose ground rather than gain it. I think that's WRONG.

If fiscal conservatives wind up in a permanent political minority it will be because the parasite class has grown to the point of being a massive voting bloc. It will NOT be the fault of Glenn Beck. Indeed, Beck is the voice crying in the wilderness that maybe can SAVE us from exile.

You GO, Beck. Feckless, fearless fools who want t

Comment Posted By Nik Mendota On 8.04.2009 @ 23:32


With all due respect, the way you describe your neighbors make them sound like brain dead idiots. They don't care about what Obama's entire biography/history--including who his friends/mentors have been? They take him at his word--or should I say, latest word? They can't make up their mind who to vote for? Do they have NO idea how different these candidates are? Do they have NO idea how different this country would be, depending on which one gets to be CIC and appoint justices to all levels of courts?

Reading this post makes me more afraid for the future of this country than ever. Are people really dim?

I've always tried to be respectful and open minded; to give the benefit of the doubt to the underpinnings of opinions of all those unlike myself (east coast Ivy educated, urban via suburban childhood). If your neighbors are typical, there ARE no underpinnings.

How depressing!

Comment Posted By Nik Mendota On 1.11.2008 @ 23:32


Obama declared that healthcare is a right. That puts the state in charge of that industry, which fits even your definition of socialism.

It also makes health care providers slaves.

Comment Posted By Nik Mendota On 9.10.2008 @ 17:43



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